The 18 Most Fashionionable TV Shows and Movies of 2022

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Intricate ballgowns, fabulous summer dresses, futuristic supersuits and a whole lot of outstanding costumes that defined the year in television and film.

Photos: Photo: Liam Daniel/Courtesy of Netflix, Courtesy of Netflix

Intricate ballgowns, fabulous summer dresses, futuristic supersuits and a whole lot of outstanding costumes that defined the year in television and film.

There are few creative mediums that pair as well as fashion and film. The right costumes help advance the story’s plot, while motion captures clothing’s most dramatic displays. This symbiotic relationship has produced some of the most iconic, seared-in-our-brain images over time — and 2022 had a few strong contenders to be added to that list.

From the flamboyant dresses on “Bridgerton” and the glittery and trend-setting looks from “Euphoria” to the alternate-dimension-defining clothes of “Everything Everywhere All at Once” and the powerful, emotional costumes of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” film and television provided us tons of with rich, memorable fashion this year that we know we’ll be revisiting. 

The holidays are the perfect time to plunge into shows you missed, catch up on the awards season contenders and indulge in some sartorial escapism. Discover Fashionista’s favorite fashionable TV series and movies from 2022 below. 

“Euphoria” season 2


Costume designer: Heidi Bivens

Watch it for: the Y2K-inspired looks, cropped baby tees and bold, glittery makeup. 

Where to watch: HBO

“Only Murders in the Building” season 2


Costume designer: Dana Covarrubias

Watch it for: Selena Gomez in early-aughts ensembles, designer jackets, vests and various statement coats. 

Where to watch: Hulu, Disney+

“Bridgerton” season 2


Costume designer: Sophie Canale

Watch it for: regency costumes (think corsets, empire waists, bows and brocades) with a modern, sexy twist.

Where to watch: Netflix 

“Everything Everywhere All at Once”


Costume designer: Shirley Kurata

Watch it for: Evelyn Wang’s drastic character transformations through clothing (as a laundress, a martial arts luminary and even a movie star).

Where to watch: available to stream, rent or purchase on Paramount Plus, Showtime, Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play, AMC on Demand, Redbox.

“Rutherford Falls” season 2


Costume designer: Kirston Mann

Watch it for: the vibrant prints, maxi dresses and beaded accessories that support and celebrate Native designers. 

Where to watch: Peacock 


elvis movie

Costume designer: Catherine Martin

Watch it for: Elvis’ dazzling, Vegas-worthy wardrobe that cemented the king of rock as a fashion icon. 

Where to watch: available to stream, rent or purchase on HBO Max, Youtube, Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, Redbox

“Inventing Anna”


Costume designer: Lyn Paolo

Watch it for: New York sartorial opulence, featuring fake heiress Anna Delvey’s  selection of Birkin bags, Oscar de La Renta jewels and Valentino capes. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

“The Woman King”

Woman King

Costume designer: Gersha Phillips

Watch it for: authentic pre-colonial African style including custom-made woven kente and batik prints.  

Where to watch: available to stream, rent or purchase on Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, Redbox, Google Play, Youtube, AMC on Demand

“Los Espookys” season 2

Los Espookys Season Two Costumes 21

Costume designer: Muriel Parra

Watch it for: eclectic attires that are a mix of cool, handmade and weirdly fused nerd-punk energy.

Where to watch: HBO Max

“Do Revenge”


Costume designer: Alana Morshead

Watch it for: an all-star cast decked out in nostalgic ’90s-tinged fashion, inspired by iconic teen movies and series like “Jawbreaker,” “Clueless” and “Gossip Girl.”

Where to watch: Netflix 

“Don’t Worry Darling”


Costume designer: Arianne Phillips

Watch it for: highly stylized 1950s Americana costumes: women in vibrant swing dresses, men in tailored suits and bowling shirts. 

Where to watch: available to stream, rent or purchase on HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Xnfinity, Cox, MyDish, Google Play, Vudu, Youtube, Microsoft, Movies Anywhere, Redbox, Row8, AMC on Demand

“Wednesday” season 1

Wednesday. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 104 of Wednesday. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Costume designer: Colleen Atwood

Watch it for: a fresh take on iconic character Wednesday Addam’s gothcore aesthetic with Tik-Tok influenced styling. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”


Costume designer: Ruth E. Carter

Watch it for: traditional African fashion reimagined in a modernistic way, including Ghanaian-inspired tailoring, florid textiles and contemporary tribal dresses. 

Where to watch: in theaters, coming soon to Disney+


“The White Lotus ” season 2


Costume designer: Alex Bovaird

Watch it for: the chaotic sartorial choices of upper-class vacationers: Tanya’s Monica Vitti-inspired looks, Ethan’s fintech bro uniform, Valentina’s power suits and Portia’s mismatched Gen-Z wardrobe. 

Where to watch: HBO

“Bones and All”


Costume designer: Giulia Piersanti

Watch it for: a pair of teenage cannibals donning ’80s vintage, dirtbag fashion. 

Where to watch: in theaters, available to rent or purchase on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu

“Emily in Paris” season 3


Costume designer: Marylin Fitoussi

Watch it for: fantastical off-the-runway pieces, Sylvie’s French minimalism and Emily’s Parisian style evolution. Bonus: ripped-from-the-fashion-headlines plots.

Where to watch: Netflix 

“Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery”

Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery (2022). (L-R) Kathryn Hahn as Claire, Madelyn Cline as Whiskey, Edward Norton as Miles, Leslie Odom Jr. as Lionel, and Kate Hudson as Birdie. Cr. John Wilson_Netflix © 2022.

Costume designer: Jenny Eagen 

Watch it for: Benoit Blanc in cheeky Mediterranean outfits, red-carpet-worthy gowns and playful resort wear.

Where to watch: Netflix 

“Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris”

mrs harris goes to paris

Costume designer: Jenny Beavan

Watch it for: fantastical French haute couture inspired by mid-century Dior archives. 

Where to watch: available to stream, rent or purchase on Peacock, Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, Youtube, Redbox

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