9 Long Haircuts Ideas for Every Hair Type

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An ode to the ’70s shag, this butterfly cut is all about face-framing pieces and layers throughout. “The layers make this style look as if you just flipped your hair,” says James. “A slight twist and drag with a big-barrel iron or flatiron is all you need to enhance volume and to direct the lengths in the flow you desire.”

Hime cut

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Chances are you’ve seen the hime (meaning “princess” in Japanese) haircut trending on TikTok. This style features short, face-framing side pieces that provide a contrast to the rest of the hair, which is worn long and straight. “It’s known for its distinctive Japanese influence and has gained popularity for its elegant and edgy combination,” says Stolze.

This haircut works best for those with straight or slightly wavy hair, Stolze explains: “Smoother hair ensures that the sideburns maintain their shape and fall neatly.”

If you’re hoping to get this cut, Stolze emphasizes the importance of clear communication with your stylist about the length of the sides and which parts of your face you want to accentuate. “Remember that precision cutting is key to achieving this distinctive look,” she says.

Long boho braids

Technically, this isn’t a haircut, but “long, bohemian braid style options mirror long haircuts that are free-flowing,” says James. These are feed-in box braids with a wavy or curly twist, installed by weaving natural and textured extensions together. As the hair is braided, random strands are left out, creating a tendril effect.

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