Your Gemini 2023 Yearly Horoscope Predictions Are Here

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The romantic planet Venus enters your sign, Gemini, on Tuesday, April 11. When Venus stations in your sign, matters of love (as well as beauty and money) flow easier. Let the flirtations and loving moments in April build-up, as they’ll likely climax (pun intended) when Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters your sign on Tuesday, May 2. These two transits remind you that emotional intimacy and sex can co-exist. This is true for relationships with long-term potential and casual hook-ups. For those who prefer to play solo, these astro events help you connect with yourself, so it’s a fun time to treat yourself to a new sex toy

Later in the year, sparks fly when Mercury enters Libra, the sign of balance and partnerships, and lights up your 5th House of Pleasure on Wednesday, October 4. This not only helps you open up and talk about your sexual desires but is fabulous for stimulating dirty talk, too. Conversations may refocus from fantasy and sweet nothings to define-the-relationship discussions when your ruling planet, Mercury, enters loquacious Sagittarius and your 7th House of Partnership on Friday, November 10. For some folks, this means more commitment, while other Geminis may find themselves leaving stagnant relationships for the joy of single life. So tap into your intuition and make sure to trust yourself. You’ll need to beware of miscommunications when Mercury retrograde enters independent Sagittarius on Saturday, December 23. If you know what you want, you’ll easily express your truth to others. 

As noted, the first few months of 2023 see you more concentrated on friendships than romantic relationships, regardless of your relationship status. Remember, it’s unrealistic for anyone to expect their partner to be their only source of support, whether you’re monogamous, poly, or somewhere in between. You’re focused on friendships when Venus enters fun-loving Aries and your 11th House of Friendship on Monday, February 20. For the next few weeks, you grow closer to old friends, share many laughs, and even make a few new ones. The influence of Aries has a sweet child-like quality, so this is the perfect time for game nights, makeovers, or any that involves frivolous fun. 

Regarding your friendships, there’s one day to be aware of: The new moon and solar eclipse in Aries on Thursday, April 20. These cosmic events tend to bring drama, so it’s not a bad idea to spend them catching up on alone time. Otherwise, you could end up bickering with your friends or giving into petty feelings such as jealousy due to the anxiety surrounding the eclipse. If you do choose to go out with friends this day (it is 4/20, which is a holiday for some of you, Gemini), make sure you take it easy to avoid petty fights or miscommunications. 

Communication flows much easier within your social circles when your ruling planet, Mercury, enters your sign on Sunday, June 11. This transit puts any eclipse-related fights to bed and sees you and your loved ones ready to support and lift each other up. All of summer 2023 points to epic adventures with friends. There is a new moon in your sign on Sunday, June 18, which is also Father’s Day. As a result, some Geminis will need to lean on friends extra hard during this lunation, but even if you have a great relationship with your dad, it’s a beautiful time to at least send texts to your friends to connect with your chosen family. 

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