Your Cold-Weather Wardrobe Is Missing Some Fun Fleece

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The cozy staple has infiltrated every corner of fashion.

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The cozy staple has infiltrated every corner of fashion.

When the sun starts setting far too early, you might find yourself reaching for creature comforts to help you cope. That could be a cozy robe, cozy socks, a cozy blanket… See a theme here?

The out-of-home equivalent, of course, is the fleece jacket, which, over time — first with normcore and more recently with gorpcore — has expanded beyond the shelves of outdoor retailers and into pretty much every corner of fashion. Patagonia and The North Face may be tried and true, but designers like Sandy Liang, Donni, Tory Burch and more have put their own spin on the staple and incorporated it into their mainstay assortments. There’s also more variety in silhouette, from zip-ups to pullovers to proper jackets to vests. And from classic cream to prints you can’t look away from, there’s a fleece flavor for everyone. 

Shop some of our favorite fleeces for fun cold-weather dressing in the gallery below. 

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