WYSIWYG But So Much More in Every Painting of Ryan McGinness

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Miles McEnery, NYC // March 28, 2024 – May 11, 2024

WYSIWYG presents an overarching view of Ryan McGinness’ artistic oeuvre. Bringing together historical works with his most recent paintings, the exhibition showcases his continually evolving perpetual practice. 

For more than two decades, McGinness has established a personal lexicon of icons that he continually references in his work. His iconography, both imagined and drawn from a slew of reference material, include everything from spiraling mandelas and skateboarders to mirrored hands and chandeliers hanging from the top of the canvas. Rendered in fluorescents and core colors alike, McGinness screenprints his symbols to create deeply-layered enigmatic compositions. Catch a glimpse of his painted cryptograms and you find yourself drawn in, look closer and delight in decoding the iconography, which unfolds like a non-linear story, crescendoing in every direction. 

WYSIWYG is a time-capsule as much as a dictionary, but also a marker of a new chapter for Ryan McGinness,” writes Julie Baumgardner, “When anyone, especially an artist, is secure in their fundamentals, space is made for evolution. Mark our words: dive deep in these works now to decode what’s soon to come.” 


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