Why Lindsie Chrisley Isn’t Spending the Holidays With Todd and Julie

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After Todd and Julie’s Chrisley’s prison sentencing, Lindsie Chrisley explained why she and her son Jackson are skipping out on the family’s holiday festivities this year.

Todd & Julie Chrisley SENTENCED in Tax Fraud Case

It’s going to be a bit of a blue Christmas this year for Lindsie Chrisley.

Unfortunately for the Chrisley family, Todd and Julie Chrisley‘s Nov. 21 tax fraud case sentencing came just in time for the holiday season. And after stating that their Christmas celebrations will look “a lot different this year” on the Nov. 30 episode of her The Southern Tea podcast, Lindsie is now explaining why she and 7-year-old son Jackson—whom she shares with ex-husband Will Campbell—won’t be spending the holidays with her family.

“With my parents’ sentencing just being a couple of days before Thanksgiving and me having Jackson for Thanksgiving, emotions were very high at that point,” she said on her podcast’s Dec. 14 episode. “And so, I just didn’t feel it was in the best interest of Jackson for him to go and see my parents in any state that they normally aren’t if that makes sense.”

The 33-year-old also took her father and stepmother’s emotions into account, stating, “They needed time to process and I wanted to be able to give them that time and very much struggled with giving up spending the time with my parents.”

Having to make a decision “as a mother over a daughter” was a “very difficult thing” for the Chrisley Knows Best alum. But part of that decision was also based around her son’s behavior, as she stated he is “very different” than her 10-year-old niece Chloe Chrisley

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Lindsie’s sister Savannah Chrisley, 25, will gain custody of Chloe and brother Grayson Chrisley, 16, while Todd and Julie serve their 12 and seven-year prison sentences, respectively.

“My parents can tell her to sit down and watch TV, she’s gonna sit down and watch TV,” Lindsie said, “and you won’t even know the child is in the house.” Meanwhile, she said Jackson is like “a tornado comes through the house, from the time that he literally wakes up until the time that he goes to bed.”

“With that kind of energy going on, and then just not so great news,” Lindsie concluded, “that just wasn’t a good combination in my opinion, so I had to make a hard decision as a mom and absolutely hate it.”

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