Why Chris Pratt Sees a Big Difference Between His Son and Daughters

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Chris Pratt Shares Rare Photo of All 3 Kids Together

Chris Pratt understands that parenthood isn’t purrfect from the start.

In fact, the Garfield Movie star is admittedly still learning a lot about the complex nuances between raising his 11-year-old son Jack—who he shares with ex Anna Faris—and his two daughters with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger: Lyla, 3, and Eloise, 23 months.

“I hate to make generalizations based on gender but, in my experience, girls are more emotional,” he exclusively told E! News. “They’ve got me wrapped around their finger. It’s wild.”

While all his kids are quite “cuddly and snuggly” in nature, Chris also finds that his daughters require a softer touch and “don’t like to rough house as much.”

“I’ll hit them with a pillow and they’ll go, ‘Daddy, that hurt my feelings,'” he said of their playdates together. “They like to hear stories more than they like to wrestle.” (For more with Chris, tune into E! News tonight, May 13, at 11 p.m.)

Another “big difference” between being a boy dad and a girl dad? The amount of planning involved in their day-to-day lives, with Chris noting that his two girls “take after their mother, who is incredibly organized.”

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“But even the differences between my two daughters,” the actor added, “just goes to show that every child is a little bit different.”

And being a dad has certainly changed Chris’ approach to acting. For one, the 44-year-old is more drawn to voiceover work—such as playing Garfield in his upcoming movie about the iconic cartoon cat—because they are “the types of roles that allow me to be home.” 

“It works nicely to have a job that allows me to put my kids to bed at night and be present,” he shared. “Taking a voice work means that’s a movie that I don’t have to be on the road.”

The Garfield Movie hits theaters May 24.

To see Chris’ cutest dad moments through the years, keep reading.

—Reporting by Paul Costabile

Instagram/Chris Pratt

Three’s Company

Chris Pratt posted a sweet photo of his son Jack—who he shares with ex Anna Faris—eating breakfast with Lyla and Eloise, who the Guardians of the Galaxy star shares with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.

“Breakfast is served,” he wrote on Instagram Stories in January 2024 amid a new wellness routine. “I’ll be fasting til noon.”


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

“What a day!” Chris wrote on Instagram in July 2023 after catching a Los Angeles Dodgers game with his son. “Jack and I got to hit the mound together, eat our bodyweight in Dodger Dogs and delivered the game opening announcement!”

Instagram/Chris Pratt

Sweet Memories

Chris received a special treat from his kids after returning home from an on-location shoot in May 2022.

Instagram/Katherine Schwarzenegger

Girl Dad

The Parks and Recreation alum rocked a “Girl Dad” shirt in June 2021.

Instagram/Katherine Schwarzenegger

Need a Lift?

Chris carried Lyla on his shoulders in a Father’s Day 2022 tribute that Katherine shared.

Instagram/Katherine Schwarzenegger

Baby on Board

The Marvel actor and Eloise shared a sweet daddy-daughter moment in June 2022.

Instagram/Katherine Schwarzenegger

Three Generations

Lyla and Eloise went on a family walk with their dad and grandpa Arnold Schwarzenegger in this 2023 snapshot.

Instagram/Chris Pratt

Most Valuable Papa

Chris was Jack’s MVP when he took the young boy to a Seattle Seahawks game in November 2023.

Instagram/Chris Pratt

All Dolled Up

“All I have to say is… Jack would never do this to me,” Chris joked on Instagram after his daughters gave him a makeover in August 2023.

Instagram/Chris Pratt

Christmas Traditions

Chris set up Elf on a Shelf for his kids in December 2022.

Instagram/Katherine Schwarzenegger

What a Treat

The Jurassic World star went trick-or-treating with his daughter Lyla on Halloween 2023.

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