Watch TikToker Dylan Mulvaney’s “Magical” Meeting With Laverne Cox

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Dylan Mulvaney checked meeting Laverne Cox off her vision board at the 2023 Grammys. Watch their interaction, which Dylan called “a magical moment.”

Dylan Mulvaney Posts “Magical” Meeting With Laverne Cox

This meeting is one to be remembered.

TikTok star and transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney recorded the moment she met Laverne Cox while on the red carpet at the 2023 Grammys. Their encounter was one Dylan hoped to achieve this year.

“I’m about to walk up to Laverne Cox,” Dylan said in a Feb. 6 TikTok. “She’s on my vision board.”

As seen in the footage, Dylan told Laverne that she was a part of her 2023 goals. To which the Orange Is the New Black star replied, “I was on your 2023 vision board? That’s lovely.”

During their conversation, Laverne, who quipped that Dylan’s facial feminization surgery is “all over TikTok,” gave the 26-year-old a piece of advice as she navigates such success on social media.

“It’s insane that you’re like documenting so much of your life. Make sure you keep things for yourself,” Laverne said. “Everything cannot be for the public. They love it but everything cannot be for them.”

Not only did Laverne have a piece of wisdom for Dylan, but also a message for the content creator’s supporters.

“I want to say to everyone who’s supporting her: Thank you,” Laverne said. “I think it’s really important that we have support from people and love from folks and I see all the love that you give her. It’s not just important for her, it’s important for all the trans people out there who maybe aren’t getting that.”

That support is something Dylan hopes is spread throughout the transgender community, as she noted, “Please give that love that you give us to every trans person.”

She added in the video’s caption, “Sharing a magical moment with @lavernecox at the Grammys.”

Indeed, Dylan has not shied away from sharing the journey of her facial feminization surgery—including recording herself the day of the operation, in a hospital bed before going under the knife and during the healing process.

On Jan. 27, Dylan unveiled the results of her surgery in an epic “face reveal” video. And one week later, she took to TikTok to fully detail what she had done.

“The surgery itself took multiple hours,” Dylan shared in a Jan. 30 TikTok. “I had a hairline advancement, a brow bone shave, a rhinoplasty, minor cheek enhancement, a little lip lift, a jaw shave, a chin reduction and a tracheal shave.”

Reflecting on the operation, Dylan expressed that she wants people to “start viewing FFS as just as important as other gender-affirming health care.”

“Trans people spend years saving up for these type of procedures because they are rarely covered by insurance,” she said, “and it truly already brought me so much peace that I hope we can all start advocating for better trans health care.”

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