Trevor Noah Returns to Host 2023 Grammys

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Third time’s a charm for Trevor Noah and the Grammys.

The former host of The Daily Show has been confirmed as the host of the 2023 Grammy Awards—making this the third consecutive year he’s hosted the annual show and putting him in an exclusive club with LL Cool J as one of four people to emcee the award show for at least three years in a row.

“I don’t think it’s normal to host it once, so I don’t have a great frame of reference for this,” he told Billboard on Dec. 15. “It is thrilling. For me, it’s a cheat code because I’m a fan of almost all the people who are there.”

The 65th annual Grammy Awards will take place on Feb. 5 at arena in Los Angeles. But before he takes the Grammy stage for the third time, the comedian will kick off his Off the Record tour in January, making stops in the U.S., Europe and his native South Africa.

Noah, a self-professed music lover, revealed his Grammys gig is like the world’s best V.I.P. backstage pass for him, saying, “I’m a fan of almost all the people who are there.”

“I am 1,000% a fan, and what I love about the Grammys is that I become a fan of a new artist every single time,” he continued. “What many people don’t realize is how much work goes into the performances. Getting every single key right, every lighting cue perfect, choreographing all the moves between the cameras and the artists. You don’t truly appreciate it until you get behind the scenes, and I think that’s what makes me enjoy the show even more.”  

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And he also has fun hosting the Grammys—noting that it is an opportunity for him to do some more improvised, “off the cuff” jokes. 

“Everyone is there to have a good time,” he added. “It’s an awards show, but it’s also one of the greatest concerts you’ll ever get the opportunity to go to.”

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