This Infrared PEMF Mat Is Now My Entire Personality

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Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat, $599, available here.

Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat, $599, available here.

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It’s true: A big perk of being a fashion or beauty editor is occasionally receiving free items to try out for potential coverage. (To clarify Fashionista’s stance, we never guarantee coverage in exchange for gifts, but we can accept them.) And as spoiled as this may sound, many of us may also have “holy grail” or wish-list gifts: items that we know others have received, but have not yet graced our own mailboxes. I, personally, have been praying to the PR gods for years for any of Higher Dose‘s big-ticket infrared devices, certain that owning one would fix at least 95% of my problems. Once I got my hands on a sauna blanket or PEMF mat, it would be over for you hoes, as they say. Recently, my prayers were answered.

Obviously, there’s no singular consumer product that will fix all your problems, but this thing comes pretty damn close. As I asked my colleagues in Slack last week, “Is it too soon to say that the Higher Dose PEMF Mat has changed my life if I just started using it yesterday?” It’s now been five days, and my feelings about it are just as strong.

Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat, $599, available here.

Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat, $599, available here.

I have the Go Mat, which is a smaller (and less expensive) version of the original that’s portable. It comes with a handy carrying case, and it fits perfectly on an office chair or couch, so you can use it while sitting upright. You can also spread it flat on the ground and lay, or even do yoga on it. 

There are two settings you can customize: the level of far-infrared heat and the frequency of the PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field). The mats also contain layers of healing crystals including amethyst and tourmaline, as well as charcoal and clay. The potential benefits, per the brand, include reduced stress, increased energy, immune support, better sleep, improved circulation and improved muscle recovery.

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As a big fan of infrared heat (I’d have a full sauna in my home if I could) in general, I simply love feeling the mat’s warmth. It’s super relaxing to sit on after a long day and absolutely helps with muscle tension. As for the PEMF, I’ve so far been most impressed by level one, which is the lowest frequency, “Delta Brain Wave”; it’s supposed to help with deep relaxation and falling asleep. In fact, it practically knocks me right out in under 20 minutes, to the point where I can barely make it from the couch to the bed — and I’m not someone who falls asleep easily. Conversely, level four, “Theta Brain Wave,” which is meant to stimulate mental function, helps me jump into work mode first thing in the morning.

No animals were harmed in the making of this product review.

No animals were harmed in the making of this product review.

Another major benefit I hadn’t expected? My cat loves it* and will straight up steal it from me if I get up for even a moment. Per a brief Google search (I’m certainly no expert), low levels of infrared heat and PEMF are not only safe for pets, but are also believed to be beneficial, especially for older animals that may be dealing with tight muscles or arthritis. So, I don’t mind sharing with my still-spry but definitely aging 12-year-old, Neely.

This mat is my new favorite thing. As an introverted homebody, especially in winter, I feel so much better about heading into the colder, darker season knowing I’ll have this to cozy up with whenever and wherever I want. Yes, it’s pricy, and no, I didn’t pay for it, but if I knew how life-altering it would actually be — and how often I would use it (practically 24/7) — I would have.

Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat, $599, available here.

*Higher Dose makes no claims that its products also benefit animals.

Please note: This product was gifted. Occasionally, we use affiliate links on our site. In no way do either affect our editorial decision-making.

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