This Foolproof Eye Makeup Is Perfect for Shadow Novices

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We all have our skill sets, and mine does not include complicated makeup.

Half Magic Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint, $24, available here.

Half Magic Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint, $24, available here.

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In all of my years on this mortal coil, I have not been able to figure out eye shadow. In high school, I’d smear cakey, frosted blue powder across my lids and pretend that I was very much into going to Friday night football games. In college, with my wannabe Cory Kennedy phase in full swing, I didn’t bother with anything other than smudged black eyeliner. Now I’m 30-something and I’ve watched no fewer than 5,000 videos on every palette that’s been released in the last 10 years demonstrating how to blend them together into a creaseless sunset but… yeah, no. I can’t do it.

I’ve tried. So many times. I don’t know if I lack the required dexterity or I’m just impatient or if it’s my ADHD perfectionist stuff that freaks out when I’m not instantly amazing at something. (If you’re my therapist and reading this, can we talk about that next week?) Whatever it is, I don’t enjoy it. I’m fully capable of doing a basic face that gets me out the door and looking up to my preferred standard, but it’s boring. I’ve already tried having a Statement Lip era and that didn’t work either. Then, I met Half Magic, the makeup collection from “Euphoria” makeup artist Donni Davy, and the brand’s Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paints.

Half Magic Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint, $24, available here.

Half Magic Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint, $24, available here.

I follow Mandy aka @oldloserinbrooklyn on TikTok, who started wearing the Eye Paints and influenced me to want to try them. In a moment of confidence, I decided to try the shades called Sky Juice (periwinkle) and We Are Aliens (chartreuse). Reader, I loved them from the get. 

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The doe-foot applicator comes to the perfect point to make corners easier; the creamy pigment glides across my lids easily but doesn’t transfer. The formula is basically fully opaque after two thin layers and doesn’t crease or melt off after hours of running around, but comes right off with makeup remover. It’s just incredibly easy to use and, to be frank, really fucking cute. I tried it out on a Friday afternoon when I had both a Fashionista Zoom meeting and plans after work with friends, and everyone loved it. I guess now I’m a person who is capable of fun eye looks. 

Half Magic Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint, $24, available here.

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