There’s Finally an Official “Twilight” Makeup Line — See Photos

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There was a glorious time in our recent history when makeup brands were launching incredible collaborations left and right. Everything from Tapatío hot sauce to The Muppets was imagined through a clever, colorful, cosmetic lens. Makeup had never been more fun! But somewhere along the line, collaboration oversaturation kicked in and the pendulum started its sad swing in a less playful direction. Sure, there have been some sporadic standouts in the past few years, but I think I speak for all beauty editors and pop-culture connoisseurs when I say I’ve been eagerly awaiting the collection that signals a collab renaissance. And from the looks of Colourpop’s newly announced Twilight collection, we won’t have to wait a thousand years.

Starting January 11 — just a few months after the 15th anniversary of the first Twilight movie and about a year and a half shy of the book’s 20th anniversary — Colourpop is proving it has always been the queen of collaborations by launching a collection inspired by every millennial’s favorite vampire/werewolf/human love triangle. And yes, there are multiple ways to achieve sparkling, Edward-esque skin with the products.

First, there are the Super Shock Highlighters ($10 each), a duo-chrome powder formula that can be used on the cheekbones and lids, in two shades: the icy, white Vampire Skin (of course) and the opalescent lavender Meadow. And for a shimmering effect that extends beyond the face, there’s the SOL Shimmering Dry Body Oil ($10) with a tropical scent that doesn’t exactly align with Twilight‘s Washington settings but does make it all the more enjoyable to wear.

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