The ‘Unsexy’ Beauty Products Allure Editors Use Every Day

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It may surprise you that “unsexy” beauty products, as dubbed by TikTok creators, are the most used items in our everyday routines. After all, as beauty editors, it’s our job to test the latest, greatest, and, oftentimes, most lavish lotions and potions on the market. But we’re reasonable people! There’s a time and place for luxury—and then there’s, well, basically every other time for functionality. In other words: No matter what TikTok may claim, “unsexy” beauty products are just familiar, tried-and-true mainstays that don’t get the buzz newer products inherently generate.

We’re talking beauty so good that the packaging doesn’t matter; what’s in the bottle does—and that’s why we keep coming back to it. (In fact, the packaging may as well be iconic at this point, and if it ain’t broke!) Keep reading to see the “unsexy” beauty products with exceptionally great formulas our editors keep in rotation.

Angela Trakoshis, shopping market editor

“Unsexy” Product Pick: Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion

Allure market shopping editor holding a large blue pump bottle of Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion

Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion

“Ever since moving to a warmer climate, my skin is as dry as a desert. I’ve been searching for a hydrating body cream that checks all of the boxes. It’s got to smell good, can’t leave me sticky or greasy, and has to be lightweight. Funny enough, the one I’ve been searching for is the one I’ve had forever. It’s $6 and can be at my doorstep in hours (hello, Amazon!). Nivea’s Essentially Enriched Lotion smells like baby oil and leaves my skin looking glowy and dewy, thanks to the almond oil-based formula—which also makes it feel light-as-air on the skin but with heavy moisturizing benefits.” — Trakoshis

Sarah Han, commerce editor

“Unsexy” Product Pick: Cocofloss Dental Floss

Allure commerce editor Sarah Han holding a mini Cocofloss Dental Floss with a short string pulled out

Cocofloss Delicious Mint Dental Floss

“I know I’m not alone when I say I dread my dentist asking, ‘So, do you floss every day?’ For the longest time, I eeked out a whisper-quiet, ‘Not quite.’ (Translation: Never.) Now? I can confidently say yes at my cleanings, and Cocofloss is responsible. I’m not sure if it’s the colorful packaging, the delicious flavors (Strawberry? Cara Cara Orange? Hello??)—probably both—but it transformed flossing from a dreadful chore to something, well, I could tolerate doing every night. Outside of emergencies, I refuse to use any other floss. (Bonus: I love that Cocofloss is an AAPI-founded and board-certified dentist-founded brand!)” — Han

P.S. She’s holding a mini but the full-size containers should last you two months!

Jennifer Hussein, commerce writer

“Unsexy” Product Pick: Weleda Original Skin Food

Allure commerce editor Jennifer Hussein holding a green tube of Weleda Original Skin Food

Weleda Original Skin Food

“My arms are covered in tattoos, and daily moisturizing is key to keeping my ink intact. To provide non-irritating moisture, I apply Weleda’s Original Skin Food on all of my healed tattoos every night. Its packaging (and formula) may not be as intricate as my tattoos, but this rich, buttery cream provides all of the vibrance-inducing moisture they need to look their best. A little goes a long way, so expect this 2.5-ounce tube to last for weeks on end.” — Hussein

Sarah Hoffmann, commerce producer

“Unsexy” Product Pick: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

“I went to college in Ohio and during these brutally dry midwest winters, this hand lotion was the only product that cured my chapped, stinging hands. Does it come in a sexy metal tube? No. Did I leave the house without it between November and March of every year? Literally not even once. It’s also the only product my extremely low maintenance, non-diva dad has ever introduced me to, rather than the other way around.” — Hoffmann

Jesa Marie Calaor, senior editor

“Unsexy” Product Pick: Cetaphil Body Moisturizer


Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

“I’d bathe in a tub of this stuff if I could. I use this on both my face and body year-round. It softens and moisturizes my dry, cracked skin without feeling heavy or greasy. I appreciate the large container but rush to get my hands on a new tub when I do eventually run low on it.” — Calaor

Talia Gutierrez, associate manager of special projects

“Unsexy” Product Pick: Dove Advanced Care Hand Wash

Dove Beauty Advanced Care Hand Wash

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a bougie, aesthetic-looking hand soap. But as often as I wash my hands, the price tag of these bubbly-soft suds just isn’t in my budget. Dove’s Foaming Hand Soap (specifically the aloe and eucalyptus scent) might not come in the chicest, moody bootle, but damn do I love that smooth, sensorial experience as I wash the light and foaming lather through my hands. Just one pump of this $4 formula leaves my hands feeling baby-soft. These are just a few reasons why I rock this white, somewhat bulky bottle on my bathroom and kitchen counters. It’s just that good.” — Gutierrez

Annie Blay, associate beauty editor

“Unsexy” Product Pick: AmLactin Body Lotion

AmLactin Intensive Healing Body Lotion

“The first few months after I got my hands on the AmLactin Body Lotion, I kept it under my bathroom sink where no one could see it. Harsh, I know. But it didn’t fit the aesthetic of the other body products I had on my decorated bathroom shelf. After months of reaching down to retrieve it from its hiding place, I finally got tired of the unnecessary bending and decided to add it to the shelf. Sure, it may ruin the vibe, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay, given how this lotion has smoothed my skin’s texture and evened out its tone. The main ingredient is lactic acid (15%) which does the heavy lifting to exfoliate the skin and the three ceramides add moisture and rapid relief for dry skin. Notably, the combination of AHAs and ceramides make this lotion a staple and must-have for those with dry, uneven skin or anyone wanting to prep their skin for some limelight this summer.” — Blay

Sarah Kinonen, associate beauty director

“Unsexy” Product Pick: Therabreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse

Therabreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse

“Over the last few years, I’ve gotten too many gum grafts to count (ok, it was three) following a childhood without annual dental appointments. I’m certainly paying the price for said ignorance (read: all those gum graft surgeries), so I’ve been doing whatever I can to prevent the need for future traumatic procedures. An easy way to do this was to add mouthwash to my daily oral routine. I love the Therabreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse because, as its name suggests, it helps keep excess food debris out of the crevices of my teeth and gums, while simultaneously leaving behind a minty aftertaste. I love it! So much so that I should probably buy stock in the company.” — Kinonen

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