The Statement Rug That Will Make Your Home Feel Bejeweled

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Wear The House believes how you dress yourself and your home matter equally.


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As the weather gets colder and grayer, I’m always looking for new ways to add vibrancy and joy to my space. After all, what you’re surrounded by in your home has the power to set the tone for the day: If you open your eyes to a bare, wooden floor, you might wake up feeling a little bland — but if you look down and the first thing you see is a giant, colorful gemstone, you might just have the most luxurious day ever.

That’s why when I saw Wear The House’s Gem Rugs, my jaw hit the floor. 

Wear The House Sydney Gem Rug, from $399, available here.

Wear The House Sydney Gem Rug, from $399, available here.

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Since moving into a new apartment, I’ve been on the hunt for fresh and unique pieces that would really make the place feel like a home. Rugs in particular can often feel one-dimensional — like you’re constantly drowning in a boho, traditional and/or minimalist black hole. Wear The House offers a new take on the overlap between home decor and fashion, stating in its mission statement, “We believe there is an intrinsic link between how you dress and how you dress your home.”

While I personally love the multicolored Sydney Gem Rug, there are several glittering jewel tones and cuts to choose from. 

Wear The House Sydney Gem Rug, from $399, available here.

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