The May Allure Beauty Box is on Sale This Month

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I’m looking forward to slowing down as the weather warms up. But while I’m busy dreaming about summer vacation mode, my beauty products are ramping up to get me ready for the season ahead. So inside of your May Allure Beauty Box, you have some hard-working products: There’s an innovative hair mask from hairstylist Chris Appleton that delivers the glossy “glass hair” he’s known for, an Elemis eye cream that does it all (hydrates, smooths, brightens), a multitasking body wash, and a soft Bloomeffects tint that’s a fresh springtime makeup look in one tube—perfect for Mother’s Day (or any day, really!). It’s all bound to make your mornings a little easier and your look a whole lot more radiant. – Elizabeth Siegel

  • New member gift: EltaMD UV Daily Tinted SPF 40 (full size)“,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”6631219ea37cc324dce03bb9″,”index”:0,”contentType”:”photo”,”offers”:[],”component”:”gallery_slide_component”}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper”>

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    New member gift: EltaMD UV Daily Tinted SPF 40 (full size)

    Why you’ll love it: You’d be hard-pressed to find a better sunscreen than one made by EltaMD. The brand’s formulas are perpetual favorites of dermatologists for their skin-saving, broad-spectrum protection. But just because they work so well, that doesn’t mean they’re not light enough to wear every day—even in the winter. EltaMD’s new tinted sunscreen is proof: Its sheer color evens out your complexion without looking makeup-y or sunscreen-y, and it moisturizes with hyaluronic acid. So it’s extra-easy to protect yourself from the sun year round.

    How you’ll use it: Smooth a generous amount over your face and neck, being sure to cover frequently missed areas, like between the brows and above
    the upper lip.

  • Elemis Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream (full size)“,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”6631203de9196c719b26b4de”,”index”:1,”contentType”:”photo”,”offers”:[],”component”:”gallery_slide_component”}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper”>

    Elemis Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream (full size)

    Why you’ll love it: This just might be the perfect undereye moisturizer, thanks to its creamy yet lightweight texture and namesake peptides. The hydrating formula sinks right in, while the peptides (short chains of amino acids) go to work for a treatment that helps with dark circles, lines around the eyes, and puffiness. “A new favorite way to start the day, this cream leaves my undereyes brighter and plumper,” says Allure’s Nicola Dall’Asen.

    How you’ll use it: Tap a little under your eyes using a clean fingertip. On mornings when you’re looking for a little extra hydration, “I like to slap a pair of reusable eye masks on top and make myself a latte while my eye cream seeps in for about 10 minutes—talk about effective,” says Dall’Asen.

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