The LUSH Life Comes to Hashimoto Contemporary, NYC

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Hashimoto Contemporary, NYC // July 15, 2023 – August 05, 2023

Angela BursonAngela Burson

Azadeh NiaAzadeh Nia

Bianca NemelcBianca Nemelc

Brandi TwilleyBrandi Twilley

Casey GrayCasey Gray

Cha YureeCha Yuree

Danym KwonDanym Kwon

Geneveive Cohn,Geneveive Cohn,

Gina M ContrerasGina M Contreras

Grace TobinGrace Tobin

Jessica Frances MartinJessica Frances Martin

Laura BergerLaura Berger

Lindsey Lou HowardLindsey Lou Howard

Megan Ellen MacDonaldMegan Ellen MacDonald

Rachel GregorRachel Gregor

Rachel Levit RuizRachel Levit Ruiz

Robert MinerviniRobert Minervini

Rocío NavarroRocío Navarro

Shishi SanShishi San

Tony MatelliTony Matelli

Zack RosebrughZack Rosebrugh

“I’ve tried to put some of the good things in as well. Flowers, for instance, because where would we be without them?” – Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present LUSH, a group show curated by Jennifer Rizzo. Returning for its third iteration, the exhibition delves further into one of the most prominent muses of all times – the flowering species.

Throughout history, florals can ben found represented in art from all cultures and regions, as well as a source of inspiration within various artistic movements. With over 400,000 known plant species, artists have long looked to this endless array of specimens, utilizing them to convey a universal symbol of beauty as well as a spectrum of human emotion. By doing so, artists are able to imbue the delicately stemmed floral with great emotional heft.

LUSH spotlights contemporary artists once again looking to the timeless floral muse, from Rachel Gregor’s dreamy figures romantically resting in flower fields, to Casey Gray’s maximal vase exploding with whimsical flowers, Liz Flores’s nudes which blur the line between the figurative and abstract, and Shishi San’s hand-tufted fluffy vase which explores the artist’s cultural legacy, the exhibition surveys a modern approach to a classic subject.

For the exhibition, the gallery has teamed up with garden design company Primrose Designs NYC, led by Kris & Elena Nuzzi, who created the botanical installation within the gallery space.

Exhibiting Artists:

Laura Berger | Christopher Burk | Laura Burke | Angela Burson | Jeff Canham | Flora Castiglia | Genevieve Cohn | Gina M. Contreras | Annie Duncan | Jen Dwyer | Liz Flores | Lizzie Gill | Casey Gray | Rachel Gregor | Kay Healy | Lindsey Lou Howard | Baoying Huang | Sally Jerome | Natalia Juncadella | Danym Kwon | Rachel Levit Ruiz | Megan Ellen MacDonald | Jean-Paul Mallozzi | Amelie Mancini | Roman Manikhin | Jessica Frances Martin | Tony Matelli | Robert Minervini | Rocío Navarro | Bianca Nemelc | Azadeh Nia | Sofia Pashaei | Carissa Potter Carlson | Zack Rosebrugh | Shishi San | Max Seckel | John Slaby | Grace Tobin | Melody Tuttle | Brandi Twilley | Jessica Weitzel Le Grand | Cha Yuree

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