The “Emotional Meat” of Reen Barrera is on @ Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles

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Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles // July 08, 2023 – July 29, 2023

Reen Barrera returns to Thinkspace Projects with his latest solo show, marking his biggest undertaking to date with the gallery. With an array of new works on canvas alongside a new collection of his signature hand made sculptures, Barrera has created a show that is light and playful, while brimming with profound meaning and deep emotion.

With Emotional Meat, Barrera explores the contemporary generation’s frantic demand for struggles and hustles. As many are fixated on succeeding, motivated by individualistic rationalities, often a disregard for the important aspect of one’s existence comes to light.

Imploring audiences to find their true pack, embrace family–whether chosen or genetic–Barrera reminds us to take a break from the grind and pay attention to what is truly important. “The memories, events, and essences that surround our lives that are often ignored are the ones that usually should be given importance,” the artist says. “To hold dear with all our might.”

In line with his previous work, Barrera has taken the idiom “it’s written all over your face” to heart and beyond, crafting his work around a central character he created early on in his career as an artist. Ohlala embodies Barrera’s thoughts, displaying them through a variety of colors painted on the being’s face. This serves as a mechanism to silently communicate, focusing on the unspoken rather than what is loud and clear.

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