The Chaos He Memorialized: RIP, San Francisco Photography Legend, Dave Schubert

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All photography by Dave SchubertAll photography by Dave Schubert

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It feels as if an era of San Francisco has passed with the news of the death of photographer, Dave Schubert. Many of my earliest memories of art, of underground culture, of life being fucking lived, was through the lens and eye of Dave Schubert. He was telling me the story of my home city without me even being conscious of it. From graffiti to skateboarding, city scenes to just urban culture as it was in this wild city in the 1990s and early 2000s, Schubert gave it an identity, a purpose, and froze the chaos for history to see. We covered Schubert many times in the pages of Juxtapoz, but it was the words of Austin McManus that he wrote in 2013 that resonated with us today. —Evan Pricco

“It’s 2013 and Dave Schubert doesn’t have a website. He still shoots film and continues to develop his photographs the ol’ fashion way, with chemicals. I don’t believe he chooses to work in this passé method to be some sort of purist or to spite technology, but rather he understands that the overall quality of an image created through the traditional photography process is superior to none, particularly in the black and white department. Dave’s photographic footprint is abnormally distinct, cleverly crafted, and will leave a lasting impression deep inside your overstimulated memory bank.

“When I think of Dave’s images, I see intimate and awkward sexual encounters, raw vandalism in a variety of forms, the dark nature of human behavior, and admiration for simple things like a lightning bolt or a set of lips. What he chooses to present to the public is by no means easily digestible or for mass appeal. The unsettling nature of his images is the draw and Dave is not here to comfort.” —Austin McManus, Juxtapoz, 2013

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