The 34 Most Memorable Magazine Covers of 2022

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This year’s best covers offered lots of color and even more Miu Miu.

Photo: Courtesy of Publications

This year’s best covers offered lots of color and even more Miu Miu.

This year’s covers saw everything from fashion fantasies and illustrative political statements to career revivals and retirement announcements; from Lizzo in Bad Binch TongTong and Beyoncé in Harris Reed atop a horse to Nicole Kidman in the now-infamous Miu Miu micro set. There were less gray gradient backdrops from Vogue and a lot more color through styling, set design and makeup (not to mention casting), perhaps signifying a shift in direction of fashion’s perspective. It’s fair to say 2022 brought the best of the best from our favorite magazines.

Browse our picks for the most memorable covers of 2022 below: 

precious lee elle cover 2022

Precious Lee by Adrienne RaquelElle, April 2022. Photo: Adirenne Raquel/Courtesy of Elle

beyonce british vogue 2022

Beyoncé by Rafael PavarottiBritish Vogue, July 2022. Photo: Rafael Pavarotti/Courtesy of British Vogue

serena williams vogue us cover 2022

Serena Williams by Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Vogue, September 2022. Photo: Luis Alberto Rodriguez/Courtesy of Vogue

meghan markle the cut cover

Meghan Markle by Campbell Addy, The Cut, Fall 2022. Photo: Campbell Addy/Courtesy of The Cut


Lindsay Lohan by Jingyu Lin, Who What Wear, November 2022. Photo: Jingyu Lin/Courtesy of Who What Wear


Timothée Chalamet by Steven Meisel, British Vogue, October 2022. Photo: Steven Meisel/Courtesy of British Vogue

lizzo vanity fair cover 2022

Lizzo by Campbell AddyVanity Fair, November 2022. Photo: Campbell Addy/Courtesy of Vanity Fair

megan thee stallion the cut cover

Megan Thee Stallion by Campbell Addy, New York Magazine, Fall 2022. Photo: Campbell Addy/Courtesy of New York Magazine

emma corrin interview magazine cover 2022

Emma Corrin by Heather Glazzard, Interview Magazine, Winter 2022. Photo: Heather Glazzard/Courtesy of Interview Magazine

vogue polska may 2022 cover

Marie-Agnès Diène by Chloé Le Drezen, Vogue Polska, May 2022. Photo: Chloé Le Drezen/Courtesy of Vogue Polska

rm x pharell rolling stone october 2022 cover

BTS’ RM and Pharrell by Mason Poole, Rolling Stone, November 2022. Photo: Mason Poole/Courtesy of Rolling Stone


Madonna by Ricardo Gomes, Paper Magazine, August 2022. Photo: Ricardo Gomes/Courtesy of Paper Magazine


Tracee Ellis Ross and Marsai Martin by Keith Major, Ebony, March 2022. Photo: Keith Major/Courtesy of Ebony

zoe kravitz wonderland magazine cover 2022

Zoë Kravitz by Ellen von Unwerth, Wonderland, Spring 2022. Photo: Ellen von Unwerth/Courtesy of Wonderland

adut akech v magazine supermodel issue 2022

Adut Akech by Adrienne Raquel, V Magazine, Winter 2022. Photo: Adrienne Raquel/Courtesy of V Magazine

linda evangelista british vogue september 2022 cover

Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel, British Vogue, September 2022. Photo: Steven Meisel/Courtesy of British Vogue


Robert Pattinson by Jack Bridgland, GQ, March 2022. Photo: Jack Bridgland/Courtesy of GQ

keke palmer who what wear 2022 cover

Keke Palmer by Alex Harper, Who What Wear, March 2022. Photo: Alex Harper/Courtesy of Who What Wear

harry styles rolling stone 2022 cover

Harry Styles by Amanda Fordyce, Rolling Stone UK, October/November 2022. Photo: Amanda Fordyce/Courtesy of Rolling Stone UK

vogue netherlands the marriage issue 2022

Nella Ngingo and Arantxa Oosterwolde by Linda Gumus Gerritsen, Vogue Netherlands, May 2022. Photo: Linda Gumus Gerritsen/Courtesy of Vogue Netherlands


Selena Gomez by Amanda CharchianRolling Stone, December 2022. Photo: Amanda Charchian/Courtesy of Rolling Stone


Elliot Page by Ruven Afanador, Esquire, Summer 2022. Photo: Ruven Afanador/Courtesy of Esquire

nicole kidman vanity fair 2022

Nicole Kidman by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, Vanity Fair, Hollywood 2022. Photo: Maurizio Catalan and Pierpaolo Ferrari/Courtesy of Vanity Fair

zendaya w magazine cover 2022

Zendaya by Jack DavisonW Magazine, Directors Issue 2022. Photo: Jack Davison/Courtesy of W Magazine

zendaya vogue italia cover 2022

Zendaya by Elizaveta PorodinaVogue Italia, July 2022. Photo: Elizaveta Porodina/Courtesy of Vogue Italia

Penelope Cruz w magazine 2022 cover

Penélope Cruz by Pedro Almodóvar, W Magazine, Directors Issue 2022. Photo: Pedro Almodóvar/Courtesy of W Magazine

british vogue february 2022 cover

naomi campbell british vogue march 2022 cover

Naomi Campbell by Steven Meisel, British Vogue, March 2022. Photo: Steven Meisel/Courtesy of British Vogue

anne hathaway interview magazine cover 2022

Anne Hathaway by Collier Schorr, Interview Magazine, Summer 2022. Photo: Collier Schorr/Courtesy of Interview Magazine

emma chamberlain instyle mexico 2022 cover

Emma Chamberlain by Max Montgomery, InStyle Mexico, November 2022. Photo: Max Montgomery/Courtesy of InStyle Mexico

hoyeon jung vogue cover 2022

Hoyeon Jung by Harley Weir, Vogue, February 2022. Photo: Harley Weir/Courtesy of Vogue

kim kardashian vogue cover 2022

Kim Kardashian by Carlijn JacobsVogue, March 2022. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs/Courtesy of Vogue

vogue polska cover april 2022

“Slava Ukraini” by Yelena Yemchuk, Vogue Polska, April 2022. Photo: Yelena Yemchuk/Courtesy of Vogue Polska

New York magazine 39 reasons to love new york

New Yorkers by Pelle Cass, New York Magazine, December 2022. Photo: Pelle Cass/Courtesy of New York Magazine

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