The 29 Best Beauty Products Fashionista Editors Tried in October

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Including an ultra-indulgent lip treatment, glow-enhancing skin care and makeup finds, and hair products that helped our curls thrive.


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Each month, Fashionista editors try a *lot* of beauty products. And while not every formula we test is a winner, we’re constantly unearthing new favorites. Here, we’ve rounded up our latest hair, skin, fragrance, wellness and makeup discoveries — whether fresh-to-market drops or merely recent additions to our personal routines.

As we move from “Hocus Pocus” season to the “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” episode of “Gilmore Girls” season, team Fashionista is taking a moment to shout out some of the top beauty products we tried this month. 

Our October favorites span just about every category and budget: We became obsessed with an ultra-indulgent lip treatment, glow-enhancing skin care and makeup finds, hair products that helped our curls thrive and an inexpensive fragrance oil from an unexpected source. Click through the gallery below to see (and shop) them all.

In case you missed last month’s picks, you can find them here:

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available here: “This tiny tube is pricey — but after trying the lightweight, glow-inducing serum/makeup hybrid inside, I totally get it. Despite being silicone-free, it goes on with a luxurious glide, offering sheer-but-buildable coverage and imbuing skin with a dewy glow. It also includes hyaluronic acid for hydration and filters to protect skin from exposure to blue light and pollution.” —Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director

” data-full-height=”945″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1245″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfb00326ba” data-image-slug=”westman-atelier-dewy-complexion-foundation-drops” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczMzI5ODUw”>available here: “From the brand of master esthetician Joanna Vargas, these sheet masks leave my skin feeling hydrated, without any of the sticky residue I typically find annoying in other sheet masks. The set includes a variety of targeted treatments; my favorite is the Twilight Face Mask, which brightens my skin when it needs a little extra glow.” —Brooke Frischer, Editorial Intern

” data-full-height=”758″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”640″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cff00025b4″ data-image-slug=”joanna vargas glow to go sheet mask set” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczMzk1Mzg2″>available here: “This candle, created in collaboration between iconic model Grace Jones and fragrance company Boy Smells, is unlike anything I have ever smelled before. The brand describes the scent as ‘salty sea air with floral waves,’ but I just call it magic.” —Liza Sokol, Sr. Audience Development Manager

” data-full-height=”2000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1775″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0000026ba” data-image-slug=”Boy Smells Grace Jones Candle” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNzg4MzQw”>available here: “Warm and sweet, this hair and body mist has notes of caramelized vanilla with toasted macadamia nut, sea salt and caramel. Simply delicious. I like to wear this in my hair, where it lasts longer and helps me give unforgettable hugs.” —AB 

” data-full-height=”2000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1999″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0500125b4″ data-image-slug=”sol de janeiro” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxODk2Mzc4″>available here: “This treatment set brings out your inner chemist, cake decorator and esthetician all in one. Each mask requires a quick, easy mixing process before it turns into a whipped pink formula that looks like cake frosting. The mask has a cooling sensation when you apply it and, without failure, reveals glowing, plump, clear skin after removal.” —Andrea Bossi, Staff Writer

” data-full-height=”1000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1000″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0300025b4″ data-image-slug=”erno laszlo vitality mask” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxODMwODQy”>available here: “This waterproof liquid liner creates sharp, fluid strokes. And because black can sometimes be too dramatic for the look I’m going for, I love the dark chocolate shade option as an alternative.” —Angela Wei, Staff Writer

” data-full-height=”1000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1000″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfe00125b4″ data-image-slug=”too faced better than sex liquid eyeliner” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNTkxNzMy”>available here: “As someone with acne, I’ve long been on a search for skin-care products that can reduce my tiny bumps and brighten my hyperpigmentation. I was gifted Dr. Rossi Derm MD’s set earlier this year, and I’ve since noticed a significant difference in my skin texture. I’m mostly a fan of this serum, which features the brand’s special complex of peptides and hyaluronic acid. ” —India Roby, Staff Writer

” data-full-height=”1800″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1800″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0200026ba” data-image-slug=”dr rossi derm md the catalyst serum” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxNTY4Njk4″>available here: “Sometimes, celebrity skin-care brands get it right. This dense, salve-like — but not waxy — lip treatment from Winnie Harlow’s brand imparts a cushiony layer over lips that replenishes moisture levels, offers antioxidant protection and carries the loveliest vanilla scent.” —SS

” data-full-height=”700″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”700″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfc00026ba” data-image-slug=”cay-skin-deepwater-lip-mask” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczMjY0MDUy”>available here: “The combination of bright citrus and warm sugar in this light-as-air lotion is truly wonderful, and it doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky or like you have to sit in front of a fan for 20 minutes before you can go about the rest of your day.” —LS

” data-full-height=”720″ data-full-src=”–sweet-creme-herbal-body-moisturizer.png” data-full-width=”720″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0100025b4″ data-image-slug=”Hempz Bare Body Soft Citrus & Sweet Crème Herbal Body Moisturizer” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxNTY4NDM2″>available here: “Fenty’s latest gloss addition is my new personal assistant. Since I got this gloss weeks ago, it’s gone with me everywhere I go. Regardless of the day, whether or not I’m going outside, or how I’m feeling, I’m usually wearing lip gloss. The clear shade has an irresistible, glass shine, and the cooling mint sensation and larger-than-usual applicator are the cherries on top.” —AB

” data-full-height=”1500″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1200″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0400026ba” data-image-slug=”fenty gloss bomb” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxNzY1MDQ0″>available here: “As a big fan of vanilla scents — I’ve been wearing some version of them since high school — I wasn’t surprised to find out I liked this one: With notes of two kinds of vanilla, sandalwood, musk and peony, it’s a more interesting, elevated take on those fragrances of my youth. It’s about as sweet and gourmand as it gets, though, so I also like to layer it with other, smokier perfumes to keep it more grounded.” —SS

” data-full-height=”2000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”2000″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfb00626ba” data-image-slug=”ellis-brooklyn-vanilla-milk-perfume” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczMTk4NTE2″>available here: “I’m forever a sucker for excellent branding, so it’s always nice when the product itself doesn’t suck, either. Vacation’s whipped cream-inspired sunscreen (it comes out in white, fluffy clouds that could easily be mistaken for the dessert topping) is a glorious mix of both. It’s also vegan and reef-friendly, smells amazing, and is water-resistant.” —LS

” data-full-height=”1000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1000″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0000125b4″ data-image-slug=”Vacation Classic Whip” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxNjM0MjM0″>available here: “My main concealing needs revolve around my ever-present undereye circles, so color-correcting formulas that claim to also be crease-resistant — like Kulfi’s new liquid version — always have my attention. This one didn’t disappoint: From the shade range to the opacity to the slightly glow-y, skin-like finish, it delivers.” —SS

” data-full-height=”700″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”700″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfd00026ba” data-image-slug=”kulfi-main-match-crease-proof-concealer” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczMTMyOTgw”>available here: “I know coffee scrubs are nothing new, but after trying out a lot of them, I’ve landed on this Australian brand’s, which has a simple ingredient list and feels like a fresh start for my skin.” —BF

” data-full-height=”1000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1000″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfd00126ba” data-image-slug=”body blendz coffee body scrub” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczMzI5NTg4″>available here: “This lip balm has a jelly-like consistency that keeps my lips super soft, with a nice, shiny finish.” —IR

” data-full-height=”1500″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1500″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0300026ba” data-image-slug=”image-skincare-ormedic-lip-treatment” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxNjk5Nzcw”>available here: “While my days as a ballerina are far behind me, I always appreciate a good bun. This pins help to hold hair close to your head, so it’s easy to move around without worrying about flyaways.” —AW 

” data-full-height=”879″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”378″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfd00226ba” data-image-slug=”bloch 3 inch hair pins” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNTI2MTk2″>available here: “While I normally steer clear of lip glosses because of the stickiness, I gave into curiosity on this one. It offers the perfect amount of sheerness for a natural wash of color, and it feels like a smooth, thick balm — not an adhesive.” — BF

” data-full-height=”700″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”700″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cff00126ba” data-image-slug=”rare beauty stay vulnerable glossy lip balm” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNjU3MjY4″>available here: “I first discovered this mulit-tasking body lotion during a visit to my favorite New York City spa, The Well, and the herbal, lavender-laced scent alone is enough to transport me back to that tranquil spa mindset. But I also love that the blend of grapeseed and coconut oils works wonders on super dry skin, while a healthy dose of magnesium (88 mg per 5 mL of product) soothes muscle tension.” —SS

” data-full-height=”1196″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”780″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfc00125b4″ data-image-slug=”neom magensiumm body butter” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczMzk1MTI0″>available here: “My hair can absolutely never get enough moisture and this shampoo — fortified with seed oils and plant extracts — hydrates and moisturizes without weighing my curls down. The earthy scent, which the brand touts as ‘like the desert after a rainstorm’ is really nice, too. I also like the conditioner.” —LS

” data-full-height=”700″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”700″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0000025b4″ data-image-slug=”Dae Monsoon Moisture Milk Hydrating Shampoo” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNDYwOTIy”>available here: “Every time I spritz on some of this facial spray, my skin feels like it’s taking a breath of fresh air. Made with ginseng, white tea and prebiotics, it also uses antioxidants and micronutrients to protect skin from environmental damage while keeping it glow-y.” —AB

” data-full-height=”1080″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1080″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0400025b4″ data-image-slug=”yina essential mist” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxODMwNTgw”>available here: “It’s hard to find a sunscreen that’s both protective and non-oily, yet this product is both. It’s one of the smoothest, most matte formulas I’ve used, and it contains vitamin C and salmon collagen to protect skin.” —AW

” data-full-height=”1000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1000″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cfe00525b4″ data-image-slug=”kahi aqua balm” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNDYwNjYw”>available here: “I recently purchased this at-home sugaring starter kit, which comes with three sugars (in different firmness levels), body powder, aloe vera gel and reusable strips. It includes a detailed how-to guide, and I’ve gotten comfortable with the process, now using it every few weeks. It can get messy, but overall I recommend trying it out.” —IR

” data-full-height=”533″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”533″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0200925b4″ data-image-slug=”sugardoh sugaring kits” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxNjk5NTA4″>available here: “This bouncy gel formula feels lightweight, but also impressively quenching on skin. As someone who usually relies on creams, I’ve been impressed by how effective it is at warding off dehydration.” —BF

” data-full-height=”600″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”600″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75cff00125b4″ data-image-slug=”laneige water bank hyaluronic gel moisturizer” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNzIyODA0″>available here: “I’m a bit of a broken record when it comes to how much I love Kayali’s fragrances, but I’ll only stop when they stop being so good. The mix of black cherry, raspberry, praline and palo santo in this one is absolutely delicious; I’ll be wearing it till the last drop.” —LS

” data-full-height=”700″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”700″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0100125b4″ data-image-slug=”Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4NjczNTI2NDU4″>available here: “This fragrance is presented in the perfect package: an amethyst-topped potion bottle. The scent is something floral, bourbon vanilla and enchanting. Plus, the bottle is refillable!” —AB

” data-full-height=”2000″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”2000″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0500026ba” data-image-slug=”viktor rolf good fortune” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQyMDI3NDUw”>available here: “I’m a bit late to the gua sha hype because I figured using my hands to massage my face is both effective and free. But I finally caved and bought this tool, and let’s just say, I haven’t put it down since. The stone really helps me to de-puff my face for a more contoured effect.” —IR

” data-full-height=”1600″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”1067″ data-image-id=”ci02ac75d0200025b4″ data-image-slug=”chillhouse jade guasha” data-public-id=”MTkyNjU4NDE4OTQxNjMzOTcy”>


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