Taurus Horoscope October 2023: Read Monthly Predictions

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Welcome to October, Taurus. This luxuriously haunted month brings change, but don’t worry, there are also plenty of excuses to relax at home processing. Your September horoscope reminded you that you deserve nice things, or, you know, basic rights, by being paid your worth. Of course, in an economy like ours, one cannot look to horoscopes for financial advice. To suggest otherwise would be irresponsible as an astrologer, but so would failing to tell you which days the stars bring opportunities. When abundant Venus enters earth sign Virgo on Sunday, October 8, the stars align to bring prosperity, whether that’s joy in a relationship or a well-earned raise. Promise to remember that you deserve it. 

Pluto, the goth planet of makeovers, has been retrograde since May. During this time, you made significant progress on a creative project, whether it was an assignment for work, a love poem, or that song you’re learning on the keyboard. You’re up to something, Taurus, that you haven’t shared with the outside world. Pluto retrograde gave you time to hone a skill. When it goes direct on Tuesday, October 10, it’s time to share that stealthy hobby with someone, whether that’s at a dinner party with friends or finally hitting the send button. You’re feeling bold, which is a good thing, when the fighter planet Mars enters passionate Scorpio on Wednesday, October 11. 

After all that energy early in the month, you’ll be pleased to hear that you have an astrologer-approved reason to stay in on Saturday, October 14. Due to a dramatic eclipse, one of two that occur this month, you’re going to feel exhausted. You won’t want to work, and you probably won’t even want to play. You’ll want to wear your comfiest clothes chilling on the couch with your favorite snacks. Pets allowed; no humans. Because eclipses can bring drama, just tell your friends that your astrologer said it’s in your best interest to stay in. 

Sometimes, early on in relationships, we can feel the need to say yes to everything. Especially if you’re really into someone, you fear that turning down opportunities to hang out could give the wrong impression (unless you’re playing mind games and saying no on purpose). But you’re in need of recharging, even after the eclipse. So when Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters industrious Virgo and your 5th House of Pleasure on Tuesday, October 17, you’re finally feeling confident enough in a relationship, whether it’s with a close friend or love interest, to decline hanging out. And you don’t even have to lie. Just tell the truth, that you have burnout, and need to rest. It’s a small but important step to take in any partnership, especially as Tauruses always strives to prove loyalty. 

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