Sydney Sweeney Said No More Long Hair for Me, Thanks — See Photos

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It would be premature to declare it now, but there’s a good chance we’ll look back on Sydney Sweeney as the blonde bombshell of her generation. A significant portion of her public-appearance looks combine a certain Jayne-Mansfield-meets-Veronica-Lake allure with contemporary California girl vibes, and one of the key ingredients in that mien is her long, blonde hair. It makes you wonder, would she lose any of any of her classic Hollywood stunner status if she cut her hair?

Um, no. Duh.

Sweeney has been very visible lately, doing the press rounds for Anyone But You and Madame Web, fulfilling ambassador duties at a Laneige event, and hosting Saturday Night Live last weekend. And just as it’s been for a couple of years, her recent appearances have come with rather long hair, often styled with a textbook-perfect blowout. But just two days after the last time she was spotted with hair reaching down to the middle of her back, Sweeney has made it clear that she’s ready to start spring with a new hairstyle.

On Tuesday, March 5, the actor arrived at the Miu Miu’s Paris Fashion Week show wearing a black blazer over what I can only describe as heavily bedazzled bloomers, walking along cobblestone in heels never intended for such terrain. But let your eyes float up from her bold ensemble and you’ll find that several inches of hair that were there a day or two ago were left behind in the U.S.

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