Susan Sarandon’s Natural Curls Are Flourishing on the Picket Lines — See Photo

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Since July 14, actors who are members of the SAG-AFTRA union have been striking alongside members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) in Los Angeles and New York. Susan Sarandon joined her son on the picket lines five days later and has been an active supporter of the strike since. She’s still on the picket lines in New York City in August, and we couldn’t help but notice her bright red curls

While fighting for fair pay among many other crucial workers’ rights, Sarandon’s natural red curls made a relatively rare appearance. The longest curls cascaded toward her collarbone, and the shortest pieces were her bangs, which barely touch the top of her black glasses. Like her fellow strikers, she wore a black T-shirt with “SAF-AFTRA supports WGA” emblazoned across the front, which she paired with her wide-framed glasses. 

Sarandon’s hair is almost as iconic as some of the roles she’s played throughout cinematic history; need we remind you of her bouncy blonde ringlets in The Rocky Horror Picture Show or her even bigger mane of curls in Witches of Eastwick?

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