Stoneware and a “Dorsal View” with Sachi Moskowitz’s New Show in NYC

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Half Gallery, NYC // March 22, 2024 – April 21, 2024

As we reported last week with the opening of Geoff McFetridge‘s new solo show, Half Gallery also opened a new show of stoneware paintings and sculptures by Los Angeles-based artist, Sachi Moskowitz

Culturally we are hierarchal in our obsession with ventral perspectives. Even the term “front-facing” when used in politics or corporate America implies somehow that this is the prescribed public viewing position. Sachi Moskowitz titles her first exhibition with half gallery, Dorsal View, not only as a reminder that in regards to sculpture we must confront each object in the round, but metaphorically to suggest a glimpse beneath the surface, an extrapolated “en verso” the artist is putting forth. Thematically, Sachi here speaks to issues of female sovereignty, moon phases and her own fascination with animal kinship as a source of comfort, stability and guidance.

“Water throughout the work is a symbol for rejuvenation and purification,” Moskowitz says. “I frequently dream that I live in an elegant open concept house that is completely submerged in water, with all of my furnishings, yet still functions as a livable space.”

To that end, the artist hopes the viewer becomes a phantom observer peering across her recollected mythology: some inherited and others self-imposed.

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