Someone Explain How Cardi B Has a Bob and Long Hair at the Same Time — See the Photos

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Have you ever wanted short hair and long hair at the same time? Yeah, me too! Cardi B is the newest member of this esteemed club with her long-but-short style, which she wore in a recent TikTok video.

In the video, the rapper tries a balut egg on camera wearing a multi-layered, pin-straight wig in a cheerful shade of bright copper orange. The wig is cut to chin length in the front, while the rest of the hair flows down to Cardi’s waist. Her hair is parted in the center and teased near the back on either side, and the very front portions are cut even shorter for a faux long bang effect, cupping her cheekbones as she enjoys the delicacy. (And takes a swig of Pepto-Bismol.) It’s long, but it’s short, but it’s long … but it’s also a bob? You really can have it all.

Cardi’s hair isn’t the only standout in this cute video; she looked to the color wheel and paired the orange hair color with a gorgeously complementary peacock blue eye shadow, with the majority of the color concentrated in her crease and a lighter shade brushed on the center of the lid. Her brows were tinted the same shade as her hair, and her lips were lined and filled in with gloss — maybe not the best lip choice for eating an egg on camera, but Cardi makes it work.

Did you notice the other important detail about this video? Cardi’s nails are totally bare and short, which is a big departure from her usual ultra-long stiletto sets. We occasionally see her sans makeup, but I don’t remember the last time I saw her sans a mani! She doesn’t end up loving the egg, but if she decided to pivot from music to a cooking show, we’d be totally fine with that. Think of the looks!

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