Sofia Richie’s Entire Pregnancy Beauty Routine, From Head to Toe — Interview

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Welcome to Shelf Life, where celebrities break down every last detail of their beauty routines. Today, model and mother-to-be Sofia Richie reveals the one pre-pregnancy makeup product she can still use on her face, her go-to lazy day hairstyle, and how her lymphatic masseuse is basically a mind-reader.

Sofia Richie will be the first to tell you that her pregnancy glow is mostly just an oily face. “We’re somewhere in-between oil and glow,” the model and influencer tells Allure. The soon-to-be new mom, who’s due this spring, says her facial oil production has been in overdrive since day one, which has led to a series of product swaps and new discoveries. “My routine used to look super chill; I didn’t put a lot of thought into it,” she says. “But at the beginning of my pregnancy… I had a lot of bumps and a lot of blemishes. The biggest change was that I became really oily. I needed to completely pivot and find products that would help me strip the oil, but I didn’t know where to begin.”

The timing was fortunate in one regard: Richie had just signed on as SkinCeuticals’ first global brand partner. Her dermatologist had already recommended the line to treat her unwelcome, hormone-based pregnancy acne.

For the remainder of her pregnancy, Richie says she’s leaning into powder-based makeup, oil-lifting cleansers, lymphatic massage, and caftans — the last being a pregnancy style tip from big sister Nicole. Below, she breaks down how all those things are playing into her current beauty routine.


Two days before I realized I was pregnant, my hair started falling out. It was really weird. I’d brush it, and it was coming out in clumps. I’ve stopped shedding, but I’m really nervous about postpartum hair loss.

When I work, I always put heat on it, so I give it the day off when I can. If I’m having a “clean girl” hair day, after I shower, I’ll use Unite hair products and let it dry naturally. If my hair is dirty, I’ll throw coconut oil into it and put it into a bun. I love a sleek bun. Other than that, I really don’t like that much product in my hair.


My doctor did tell me, in terms of the oil production, it’s a wave I’m just going to have to ride out. It’s gotten a lot better in my third trimester. It’s been a dance.

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