Shoutout to Fran Drescher for Letting Her Graying Hair Show While On Strike — See the Photos

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To say actor Fran Drescher has been busy is an understatement. As president of SAG-AFTRA, she’s been on the frontlines of the ongoing strike and speaking out on behalf of the actors’ union with impassioned speeches. Drescher has been a true leader during the strike, and she gave us even more to look up to at the SAG-AFTRA/WAG rally at Los Angeles City Hall on August 1, when she led the strikers in true Drescher style: ready to stand up for the union with voluminous curls, a deep red lip and a subtle touch of graying hair at her roots.

While Drescher’s work as SAG-AFTRA president is obviously far more important than what she looks like on the front lines of said strike, she’s been a beauty icon since she first hit the movie screen in the ’70s and cackled her way into our hearts (and mood boards) as Fran Fine on The Nanny in the ’90s. (If you’ll remember, there’s an episode of The Nanny in which Fran refuses to cross a picket line; Drescher told Time that she came up with that plotline herself, because she’s always been a real one.)

Drescher’s rally look was true to her usual glam: bouncy curls, a fluttery dark lash, and a statement lip, similar to those she wore on the set of The Nanny. (Fran Fine, like her portrayer, did always love a good brick red, and whatever shade Drescher is currently wearing may be the perfect shade for her.) Just a tiny hint of silver-gray peeks out from her signature deep brunette right at the root, and the rest of her hair tumbles down her shoulders in full curls with ribbons of lighter caramel highlights catching the light.

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