Shannon Peel Gets a Piece of that “HOME SLICE”

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Outpost Gallery, Copenhagen // January 13, 2023 – February 11, 2023

Shannon Peel is painting pop-culture iconography and at the same time I feel silly even writing that. Mayhe it’s lazy or just sort of off, because you don’t really see anything in particular you have seen on the telly or in film or in cartoons in his work. There are characters in these wonderfully composed blends of still-life and abstract patterns, and Peel is able to make an homage to some of the past Masters without giving up his own identity. But what Peel does so well, and why I bring up the pop idea here, is create a repitition in his works that make you think you are looking into the rhythmic patterns of daily life. How we see, what we see, how we see what we see. 

In Home Slice, his new solo show at Outpost in Copenhagen that is part of the revered V1 gallery family, these bold works on a stark white backdrop are almost like TV’s in the window. They tell us so much about what we are seeing in the world and almost nothing feels relatable. It’s just a pulse. It’s just a powerful hum. And there is beauty in that. —Evan Pricco

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