Selena Gomez Leaving Her Hair Totally Undone on Instagram Is Such a Moment — See the Photos

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Selena Gomez is giving me exactly what I need on a Monday morning: unbothered, low-key, super chill beauty. The star shared a handful of pics of herself soaking up the scenery in minimal makeup and undone, I-woke-up-like-this waves — AKA what I think I look like on the weekend.

Gomez took a much-deserved break from full red carpet glam in favor of something much more casual. In the series of selfies, she’s sitting outside wearing barely any makeup at all — perhaps just the teeniest, tiniest hint of blush and a little highlighter, if that. Her hair is down and loose with a hint of wave, but totally undone and unstyled. The look is a complete 180 from the sleek high bun she wore at the Golden Globes or her black cherry lip and mani from the Emmy Awards, but it’s just as good.

The actor and Rare Beauty founder captioned her selfies with the planet emoji, which makes me think she was more interested in soaking up the lush, vibrant green nature behind her and less so about getting her glam done that day; she was simply feeling happy and comfortable in her skin and decided to snap some pics. (Been there.) Either way, the skin is beyond dewy, the hair is effortless, and she looks so calm and peaceful. We could all take a page out of her book this week. (And we’re not alone! The comment section was flooded with compliments for her low-key look, including some heart-eye emojis from her boyfriend, producer Benny Blanco.)

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