Saweetie Just Invented the Tinsel Tendril — See Photos

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Saweetie changes her hairstyle more frequently than I refill the reservoir in my Keurig, so I’m never surprised when she shows up on social media wearing a dramatically different look than she was sporting just a day or two ago. And considering she’s participated in the hair tinsel trend in both March and June this year, it wouldn’t surprise me to see metallic accents in her hair either. But unlike the “fairy hair” method of spreading iridescent strands sporadically throughout a style, the rapper tried a whole new way to wear shimmery spangles.

Early on Labor Day Monday, September 4, Saweetie posted a four-selfie collage to her Instagram Stories. Lots of elements of her look are vying for attention — her burgundy, fall-ready manicure, her extra-large hoop earrings, her high-neck leather and mesh top, etc. — but my eye went straight to her updo. More specifically, it went straight to her forehead.

The photos aren’t the most high-res, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on above her sunglasses. However, it’s clear that, among her side-swept bangs, is what I can only call a tinsel tendril: a few flashy pieces of wispy foil placed into her fringe as a single streak of a sheer, almost-pastel green. It creates a fabulous contrast against the otherwise black hue and helps draw the eye to her gorgeous eye makeup.


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