Sagittarius Horoscope February 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

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Welcome to February, Sagittarius. You’re ambitious and independent — two traits you pride yourself in. However, your assignment from the stars this month is to allow yourself to accept help and reach out to others. If you can do that, when this month ends, you’ll feel happier than when it began. During January, opulent Venus asked you to shoot your shot and ask for a raise, better work/life balance, or other professional opportunities. Unfortunately, the zodiac is subject to the limitations of the economy, so can’t ever promise financial abundance. But, it certainly can remind you that, ruled by fortuitous Jupiter, you’re perhaps the luckiest sign of all. You attract all forms of wealth, but only if you ask for them. January’s encouragement of assertiveness continues starting on Sunday, February 4, when messenger Mercury moves into your 3rd House of Communication, helping your words drip with honey. The more you inquire about opportunities, the more likely they are to come true.

New moons are mysterious lunations that mark the beginning of cycles. When the sky goes dark with one in delightfully weird Aquarius on Friday, February 9, you’re encouraged to apply the assertive communication style you display in your professional life to your personal life. The next day, Saturday, February 10, is a good time to set new habits, as it brings the Lunar New Year, which is also the Chinese New Year. Happy Year of the Dragon, Sagittarius. A bold fire sign like you loves the strong vibes this brings. Just be aware that there are different forms of strengths. For instance, you might feel strong for your ability to enjoy alone time without feeling dependent on anyone else. However, asking for help requires a type of courage that may be harder for you. Thanks to moves from the fighter planet Mars on Monday, February 12, you’re pushed to reach out to others.

Shortly after, on Friday, February 16, bookending Valentine’s Day, the planet Venus, ruler of all forms of love, slides into your 3rd House of Communication. We can’t lie to you. There is a chance that you’ll be alone this V-day, and as much as you say that you don’t care, well, that might be a lie that you’re telling yourself, Sagittarius. Your challenge is to be the one to reach out and make plans. It doesn’t matter whether that’s getting together a group of friends or deciding that you are ready to broach the subject with your new love interest. The stars know that you are self-sufficient. Your test is to show that you understand the importance of nurturing relationships.

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