Sabrina Carpenter’s Armani Blush Is Absolutely Stunning

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Sabrina Carpenter’s Signature Makeup Look Is So Cheeky

Don’t bring her to tеars when she just did her makeup so nice!

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We’ve been thinking about Sabrina Carpenter’s signature blush look every night (Isn’t that sweet? We guess so). Pop puns aside, the singer’s radiant, glass-cutting cheeks are the star of her usual glam, and beauty TikTok has gone on a frenzy trying to find her exact blush to recreate her cheeky looks. Well, the hunt is over, because Allure can officially verify the cheat code to her flawless dewy-pink flush: a combination of two liquid blush shades à la Armani Beauty.

Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Cheek Tint (Shade 53)

Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Cheek Tint (Shade 62)

Think we’re talking nonsense? Well, her go-to makeup artist, Carolina Gonzalez (who’s also an Armani Beauty ambassador), spilled the tea on the cheek-enhancing concoction she uses for Miss Keoghan’s Carpenter’s usual looks, including the one she wore for her May 18 performance on Saturday Night Live. Gonzalez used the new-ish Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Cheek Tint in shades 53, a vibrant baby pink, and 62, a delicate mauve. No word on how, exactly, she applied the combination, but the internet is assuming Gonzalez used 53 as a base layer and 62 on top for a multidimensional finish.

Now we just have one more ask for Carpenter: Please, please, please spill the rest of your beauty routine.

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Now, watch Carpenter walk through her short n’ sweet beauty routine:

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