Reese Witherspoon Responds to Playing Judge Judy in a Potential Biopic

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Reese Witherspoon Would Love to Play Judge Judy in a Biopic

All rise for the honorable Reese Witherspoon.

Having already played one of film’s most iconic lawyers—Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde movies—The Morning Show star reacted to being named as Judge Judy Sheindlin‘s top pick to play her in a potential biopic exclusively on the Nov. 30 episode of E! News (airing tonight at 11 p.m.).

Without hesitation, Reese said, “Yes, I’m in,” at the Nov. 29 premiere of the new movie Something From Tiffany’s—which she produces alongside the film’s star Zoey Deutch. “Judy, call me.”

The two Hollywood legends are actually good friends, as Reese revealed that she and Judy have gone to lunch several times over the years. “She’s my girlfriend,” the 46-year-old gushed. “I’m obsessed with her.”

Outside of their friendship, Reese is simply a fan of the judge—who can currently be seen in season two of her Amazon Freevee series Judy Justice. Her synonymous courtroom series Judge Judy ended its 25-season run in 2021.

“I love her book that’s called Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever. Classic book,” Reese shared. “She just gives out great information and knowledge and she’s just one of those truly wise people that you want around.”

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On the Nov. 16 episode of E! News, Judy called Reese a “fabulous lady” in an exclusive interview with Keltie Knight. And though Judy isn’t totally sold on seeing her life on the big screen, her love for Reese makes her more open to the idea.

“We’re friends, and she gets me,” Judy stated. “And I think she’s a great actress, and I think she could—if they did, which I would not like—I think that she could carry that off.”

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Something From Tiffany’s premieres Friday, Dec. 9, on Prime Video.

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