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Amazon Car Seat Hoodie

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Get in, bestie, we’re going shopping. For clothes, yes, but not for you or us. No, we’re going shopping for a car seat hoodie that’s totally fetch. If you’re someone who sweats a lot during their workout, or is prone to constantly spilling things (like cheese fries), or just want to keep your currently clean car as it is for as long as possible, you need to sit with us as we take a field trip to Amazon.

This car seat hoodie has the properties of a soft towel on one side and anti-slip back on the other, topped with a wide hood that easily fits over any car seat headrest. It may sound simple, but according to Amazon shoppers, it’s protected their seats from post-hot yoga sweat, Starbucks white chocolate mocha, sand, mud, oil, sunscreen — truly, the list goes on and on. I can personally vouch for this hoodie from my cyber-soapbox; I came across this item a while ago as I was looking for a way to protect my white car seats from my post-gym sweat. After a few weeks of testing it out, all I have to say is, like quite a few Amazon reviews, I wish I had bought it sooner.

Learn more about the car seat hoodie’s features below, because this isn’t like a regular towel. It’s a (really) cool towel.

Leader Accessories Towel Waterproof Car Seat Cover

This universal car seat cover is essentially a soft towel equipped with anti-slip backing and a seat “hood” for stability. Its waterproof capability helps prevent sweat, water, drink spills, pet fur, and daily dirt and grime from seeping through or embedding into your car seat’s fabric. According to the brand, it fits both the front and back seats of all vehicles, and it’s also machine-washable. When it’s not in use, you can easily roll it up and secure it with the elastic strap for compact storage. You can get it in five different colors (or fleece black), and it’s also sold in packs of two.

While the car seat hoodie’s waterproof and protective capabilities might seem unbelievably ergonomic in theory, you might understandably still be skeptical or curious to see how it actually performs. If you’re still on the fence, check out what some satisfied Amazon shoppers have said about their experiences with this towel, which has protected their seats from a “smoothie incident” to “sweaty teenagers” and more.

Leader Accessories Waterproof Car Seat Cover Reviews

“I got these to protect my car after driving home from a run or a hot yoga class. These are great. They absorb my gross sweat after working out so the fabric on my seats are protected. For me they have been waterproof. They also wash very well. I’ve washed then over 20 times and they still look brand new. They seem very durable and are super easy to install. I can do it with 1 hand. Sometimes they shift a little but definitely not a deal breaker. They do well I’m the dryer also. So great. Wish I had them years ago!”

“I’m not one to fret over every ding to my car, but after buying a new car last December with lighter colored fabric seats, I decided to buy seat covers to use for road trips and any time sweat is involved such as hiking or going to the gym. Since purchasing six months ago, these covers have been thoroughly tested and I can confirm that they get the job done. They are so easy to toss in the wash and come out good as new. The biggest test they’ve had was just yesterday when on my drive to work, my green smoothie, which had no lid, slipped from my hand and dumped in my lap. I was glad the cover was there but was still super nervous that the smoothie was going to soak through because there was such a plop of it sitting there melting until I could pull over. It did not soak through at all. When I went home to change I tossed the cover in the laundry room but didn’t actually wash it until about 30 hours later, and it easily washed clean, with no evidence of the smoothie incident. Highly recommended!!”

“The durability price and ease of use of this seat cover since I’m constantly getting in my truck, sweaty for mountain biking, could not have been a better choice. Very worthy seat cover if someone who’s been throwing towels on the seat for years. You will not be disappointed”

“As a 270 lb man who lifts and does Muay Thai all week long this cover is a lifesaver. I am DRIPPING sweat after each workout, without fail. My wife says it usually looks like I’ve showered with my clothes on when I’m done working out; this cover stops it all from reaching my seat. For my sweat-ers out there who’ve tried the multiple towel technique and/or sitting on dry workout clothes only to find your actual seat still damp….this product is for you. The crowning achievement was after Muay Thai a couple days ago I got stuck in 45+ minutes of traffic. My only thought was about how damp this seat would be after my sweaty legs/ butt were pressed against them for so long. Got home, got out and removed the cover… lower half was still soaked, as I expected it to be, but my actual seat was bone dry!!! Installation takes seconds and my entire seat is covered (Toyota Rav 4 2018).”

“This car seat is a lifesaver if you want to protect your car seat from absorbing anything from sweaty teenagers after practice. it slips easily over the headrest and has a backing so nothing can go through it. I wish I had bought it sooner!”

“This seat cover is exactly what I needed. Keeps the sweat and sunscreen residue, after playing tennis, from messing up leather seats in the car. I am tall and have the headrest all the way up and it still covers the seat by 4-6 inches extra with plenty of side over hang too. Easy to fold up and put in back of the SUV”

“I have been these in my work truck for about a month now and they are extremely durable. I work outdoors and sweat more than the average person. I am also pretty filthy when I get in my truck at the end of the day. I no longer have to scrub my seats every few days (that’s the problem with cloth seats)! I wash these covers almost every weekday and dry them in the dryer on low. As of this review, I have washed them at least 20 times (probably closer to 30) and they still look brand new. The backing on these covers is great at holding them in place and I can readjust in my seat and the covers remain in the same spot! They have not bunched up on my (yet) and I don’t really expect them to. Very happy with the quality of these covers and and planning on buying a set for both my wife and son.”

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