Pop Life: Nazeer Sabree’s “Pursuit of Healing” @ Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia

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Nazeer Sabree and friendNazeer Sabree and friend

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Nazeer Sabree and Jason Andrew TurnerNazeer Sabree and Jason Andrew Turner

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Paradigm founders Sara McCorriston and Jason Chen with NazeerParadigm founders Sara McCorriston and Jason Chen with Nazeer

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As we noted this past weekend and yesterday with opening photos from Jason Andrew Turner’s show at the new Paradigm space in Philadelphia, Nazeer Sabree also had an opening with Pursuit of Healing running concurrently. Today, we have opening night photos to share. 

Curated by Ginger Rudolph of HAHA Magazine, Sabree’s first solo exhibition reflects upon the construct and constraints of identity, both his own and that of his community. The public is invited to celebrate the opening of the gallery and its inaugural exhibitions on Friday, April 7, 2023, from 7-10 PM. Pursuit of Healing will be on view April 7–30, 2023, at the new Paradigm Arts Building. 

The exhibition will explore the process of healing from the artist’s perspective, building upon his previous work in the “False Face” series. Rudolph’s curation is informed by her intimate understanding of Sabree’s practice, having mentored the artist since 2020 in the Philadelphia Mural Arts Fellowship for Black Artists Program. In addition to an expanded body of work from “False Face”, the exhibition will premiere a new series of predominately black and white photo collages entitled “Transgenerational Rorschach Fragments 1998” (“TRF-98”), and a striking video work that tells a transformative story about Black masculinity in three acts – life, death, and rebirth.

With photographs and clippings sourced from his family’s archives and broader cultural and historical references, Sabree shares a blueprint for what healing might look like from within a Black body. Vulnerability, pain, and hope collide in Pursuit of Healing, charting an ascendent course from trauma to radical empathy.

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