Pisces 2023 Horoscope — Yearly Predictions for Love and Career

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Happy New Year, Pisces, and welcome to 2023. Skip any toxic New Year’s resolutions, but set healthy intentions, such as getting more sleep or making more time for friends, during the new moon in your sign on Monday, February 20. And, giving into stereotypes, you do tend to love water, so this is a good time for a long bath. Continue to make time for wellness rituals while your ruling planet, dreamy Neptune, is retrograde in your sign, Pisces, from Friday, June 30, to Wednesday, December 6. Neptune is retrograde a lot, so don’t worry about this pointing to any hardships. Rather, it’s just a reminder to care for yourself spiritually and emotionally. 

Make sure to celebrate yourself during your season, Pisces, which begins on Saturday, February 18, and ends on Monday, March 20. There’s no denying that we’re in tough economic times, but can you find a way to make a weekend getaway happen? You need breaks from the mundane work week, and trips often invigorate you, especially when your friends join. 2023 indicates you’ll receive plenty of love, but if you feel unfulfilled in any area of your life, you’re strong enough to share your feelings when Mercury enters your sign on Thursday, March 2.

While you’re celebrating, whether it’s during Pisces season or any other occasion, beware of overindulgence. As the final sign of the zodiac and an emotional water sign, you’re wise, but you can also be a bit of a lush. When strict Saturn enters your sign on Tuesday, March 7, you must take responsibility for any unhealthy habits and get organized in matters of wellness. Later in the year, your stress levels drop significantly after the full moon in your sign on Wednesday, August 30. This lunation sees you putting a project behind you, most likely something that you’ve worked long and hard on. Now, you have permission to stop thinking about it. Congrats, and keep reading to learn what 2023 means for your love life, friendships, career, and health.

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Important 2023 Astrological Events for Pisces:

  • Thursday, January 26 Venus enters Pisces
  • Saturday, February 18 Pisces season begins
  • Monday, February 20 New moon in Pisces
  • Thursday, March 2 Mercury enters Pisces
  • Tuesday, March 7 Saturn enters Pisces
  • Friday, June 30 Neptune goes retrograde
  • Wednesday, August 30 Full moon in Pisces
  • Wednesday, December 6 Neptune goes direct

Get excited, Pisces, because, for your sign, the stars bring blessings to your love life early in the year. Friday, January 6, brings a full moon in fellow water sign Cancer and your 5th House of Pleasure. This is a night for intimacy, even if it’s casual. Remember, whether it’s an appreciation for a sex toy or a fun conversation with your hookup buddy, intimacy is not only for folks in long-term relationships. However, if you are partnered, expect deepening within your relationship starting on Thursday, January 26, when romantic Venus enters your sign, Pisces. 

And, if you’re single or dating and ready to level up a relationship, do so during the full moon in Virgo and your 7th House of Partnership on Tuesday, March 7, which brings a culmination to relationships. At times, even if you’re into someone, you tend to put define-the-relationship conversations off, Pisces. This lunation asks you to tackle these topics with grace and realize that they’re not so scary, after all. 

The sooner you lock it down, the sooner you can settle into the comfort of a partnership. And, if you’re already in a serious relationship, prepare for welcome sparks in your sex life when the fighter planet Mars enters Cancer on Saturday, March 25. This is the perfect time to inject a long-term relationship with passion. If there’s something that you want to try in bed, such as a kink or role-play scene, you can express your desires once chatty Mercury enters sweet Cancer on Monday, June 26. In fact, all of summer 2023 is beneficial for communication within your love life. When Mercury also enters healing Virgo and your 7th House of Partnership on Friday, July 28, not only will you be ready to express your own desires, but you’re reminded of the importance of checking in with your partner(s) to ensure that their needs are met as well. 

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