Philosophy’s Bestselling Holiday Shower Gels Are 40% Off Right Now

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Can you believe we have less than a month left in 2023? The winter holidays haven’t even started, but it feels like time is still flying by nonetheless. From checking off our holiday shopping list to grabbing the best deals of the year, it can get overwhelming trying to manage all the holly jolly chaos that inevitably happens every year around this time.

Knowing that, it becomes all the more important to take some time for yourself and make sure you’re treating yourself to some quality you-time — say, in the form of a holiday spa day, perhaps? And no, a luxurious spa day full of pampering and self-care doesn’t necessarily require you to sacrifice your wallet, not when you can get a bundle of Philosophy‘s cult-fave holiday shower gels for 40% off their retail value. Right now, you can score a duo of Caramel Apple, Morning Maple, or Cozy by the Fire scented shower gels for just $29 on QVC. Each full-size bottle in the set even comes in a present-ready gift bag, so if you’re feeling particularly nice, you can keep one and give one to your bestie for a gift they’ll actually use and love.

On the other hand, if you choose to keep both bottles in the set, we promise we won’t tell Santa.

Philosophy Holiday Shower Gel 16-oz. Duo

Get cozily festive with this special-edition set from Philosophy. The set includes two full-size bottles of the brand’s signature 3-in-1 shower gels in your holiday scent of choice, all packaged in present-ready gift bags. Each bottle has a retail value of $24, meaning you’re saving about 40% with this bundle! Right now, you can choose from three scents: Cozy by the Fire, Caramel Apple, and Morning Maple.

If you’re still unsure whether Philosophy’s holiday shower gels are really worth the hype (spoiler alert: they totally are!), check out these five-star reviews on Macy’s from shoppers who tried out each scent.

“This is my favorite scent by Philosophy. The scent stays longer than most. It smells amazing. Makes my skin so soft. It’s very hard to find. Seems to be sold out everywhere but QVC. So worth the price”

“I purchased for a gift but ended up keeping for myself . It smells so good . I ended up going back for several more when it went on sale . This scent was hard to find on other sites also. I gave to friends who love to sit by their fireplaces along with some scented fire starters . Great gift for women !”

“Such a cozy holiday scent! It makes me want to curl up on the couch and watch old Christmas movies!”

“This smells soooo good! I wish they would also release lotion and body spray in this scent. Great bubbles.”

“I always appreciate it when reviewers try to describe the scent of a new Philosophy Shower Gel. Cozy by the Fire is definitely a “warm” scent. Not floral or citrusy. It is more of a wooded, musky scent but so light and pleasant. It is slightly stronger and lasts a bit longer than the other shower gels. I love that Philosophy scents can match so many different moods and occasions.” 

“I had never tried philosophy products before but after trying this I realized I have been missing out. First off this shower gel smells incredible and actually has a caramel apple scent. I smell a lot of caramel with hints of apple but you can definitely smell both. The whole bathroom smells amazing while using this and it left the scent on my skin for a while after my shower which I loved! This shower gel also works great too. My skin feels soft and clean after using this and it lathers up really well without having to use a ton of it. I absolutely love this shower gel and am planning to try some other philosophy scents very soon!”

“The product does not lack in scent! It definitely smells like what it is supposed to. It lathers really well without feeling sticky or leaving a residue. It would make a nice gift as it is more of a luxury item compared to generic body washes.”

“This shower gel is amazing. The smell is fantastic and lasts a very long time. Shower gel is great for sensitive skin so that was a huge plus in my book. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it looks like I’ve barely made a dent in it, so it definitely will last a long time.”

“Once I got my hands on Philosophy’s Caramel Apple, the first thing I did was take a whiff. It’s like a crisp apple with a sweet caramel twist, hitting all the right notes. What’s cool is that my boyfriend thinks the same – it doesn’t overwhelm you with that typical autumn scent. It’s just the right balance, making it a win for both of us.”

“When I received this product I was unsure of how I would feel about the caramel apple scent. I typically go for more tropical or clean notes on body washes and soaps so I thought it may be too sweet for my tastes. I was pleasantly surprised when using this as a body wash that the scent that is left on my skin was faint and not overpowering at all! The texture of the body wash gives a great lather and makes showering a little more festive! I don’t take baths but I love that this could be used as bubble bath as well! Maybe I’ll have to make an exception this holiday season!”

“I love all philosophy products and this one is no exception. The smell is so warm and very very mapley. The smell lasted on my body for quite a while after my shower which I appreciate. Perfect for the winter time”

“As a fragrance and scent lover, I am always looking for new scented body washes to use in my routine. Morning maple smells sweet and delicious while moisturizing your skin. It is a staple for sweet gourmand perfume lovers as the smell lingers on you after the shower. Love this product!!”

“This body wash is so luxurious. Literally smells like cinnamon pancakes and syrup! Totally going to buy this every fall! Such a yummy comforting smell that lasts all day. The bottle goes a long way and the soap is very bubbly! Definitely excited to try other scents as well. Will be the new go to for fall though!”

“I love the scent of the shower gel, after using it to shower in the morning I still smell the scent on me for couple of hours after. I also used it for my hair, It made my hair look alittle bit more shiny than usual which is great for me.”

“The absolute best smelling shower gel there is. It’s not very strong and not over powering left my legs smooth after shaving it does not take much at all, lathers very well and packaging was very good. Impressed with the ingredients.”

“This shower gel was so lovely! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I smelled it, but it was unlike any shower gel I’ve ever used! It smelled so good, produced the best bubbles and was all around a 10/10.”

“This shower gel (shampoo and bubble bath in one!) Is amazing. It smells divine and im a huge maple fan to begin with. Its definitely a cozy smell for me and will be added to my favorites of philosophy. The lather on this is pretty dang great too! I dont need much at all, maybe less than a quarter size is good for me. The scent does last through the day for me and by night time its almost completely gone but still lingering on the skin. I feel VERY soft after using this as well. Compared to my other go to, this definitely wins for making me feel soft after a shower and well cleaned. If you are considering picking it up, I highly recommend!”

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