Opening Night: Surreal Salon Soiree Celebrates Baton Rouge Gallery’s “Surreal Salon 16”

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Best in Show: Edgar Cano Best in Show: Edgar Cano “Life is Beautiful”

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Adam StrangeAdam Strange

Annick IbsenAnnick Ibsen

Brandin BaronBrandin Baron

Brian HoffmanBrian Hoffman

Gokcen YuksekGokcen Yuksek

Misael UrquicoMisael Urquico

Keith RyanKeith Ryan

Vanessa PowersVanessa Powers

The Baton Rouge Gallery just celebrated the 16th edition of the Surreal Salon with their annual Surreal Salon Soiree, and, as always, the event was an immersive experience. As for the Salon itself, each year, artists worldwide are invited to be a part of the special exhibition, with a special guest juror picking a “Best in Show.” This year’s Special Guest Juror was Beth Cavener, and her pick of the winner was Edgar Cano‘s Life is Beautiful painting (in the gallery above). We also selected a few other artists from the show you can see above. 

We have some opening night photos from the annual Surreal Salon Soiree in the gallery above. There was over 600 costume-wearing attendees, a 16′ long walking snapping turtle puppet, The Octopus Project (Austin, TX) performing, and more. Enjoy!

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