OpenAI Introduces Custom GPT Models and the GPT Store

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On November 30th, 2022, OpenAI unveiled the chatbot we’ve come to know and love: ChatGPT. As ChatGPT approaches its first anniversary, OpenAI announced custom GPT versions where creators, regardless of their coding skill level, can develop their own versions of ChatGPT.

In addition, OpenAI released the “GPT store” to make ChatGPT more multifaceted for people who desire “tailored” versions, and OpenAI plans the GPT store later this month. Example GPTs provided by OpenAI are available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. With all these new changes, there are plenty of new things to cover. Without further ado, let’s delve into OpenAI’s latest updates to their beloved chatbot.

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What is Custom GPT?

Prior to unmasking Custom GPT, OpenAI rolled out “custom instructions” for ChatGPT Plus users. Custom instructions allowed users to add preferences to consider when the chatbot generates responses. 

So, what does this mean? Say you’re a high school teacher who uses ChatGPT to brainstorm lesson plans for your students. If you specify that you’re a history teacher for 9th graders, ChatGPT will remember that, and you won’t need to repeat that before generating a response. The chatbot will remember what your occupation is, or in this case, what your preferences are.

However, this quality-of-life change is a taste of what ChatGPT users would expect later in the year. With Custom GPT, Plus users can “develop” versions of ChatGPT to accommodate the chatbot’s multitude of uses. And the best part? No coding is required. As long as users can provide the chatbot with instructions, knowledge, and ways to analyze data, the world is their oyster. 

OpenAI openly stated that community members will create the best GPT because of how many different people shape the community. Comprised of tech-savvy developers, creative writers, and anything and everything in between, OpenAI’s community values the power of AI and OpenAI’s credibility as one of the most powerful and accommodating chatbots out there. 

Source: OpenAI.

Custom GPT and Privacy

For those concerned with safety and privacy with Custom GPT’s integration, OpenAI stated that users will be “in control of your data” and will not be shared with builders. Custom GPT developers will be asked if their GPT logs can be used to improve public models. Likewise, developers can opt their entire account of model training if they so desire.

What is the GPT Store? 

OpenAI announced that the GPT Store would become available later. In the store, users can expect to see custom GPTs. The store will feature creations by verified builders. In order to incentivize uploading custom creations, users can search to encourage creators to climb leaderboards and earn money. However, generating revenue is currently in development and won’t be released to users right away.

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Business and Custom GPTs

OpenAI has always been at the forefront of technical advancements, and now it’s time for businesses to take advantage of these changes. With AI becoming more prevalent in everyday work, it’s time to stop pondering on whether or not to utilize its advantages

But how can businesses take advantage of Custom GPT? Business developers can create custom GPT for coworkers to use during the workday. In addition to AI’s ability to automate tedious, mundane tasks, business developers can tailor these functions for sales associates, marketing managers, and executive-level tasks to heighten productivity. In addition, Custom GPTs can create user-friendly experiences and streamline communications with customers.

Likewise, ChatGPT Enterprise customers can design internal-only GPTs and publish them to their workspace. The admin console allows users to share GPTs with other coworkers within their business workplace.

Additional ChatGPT Updates

OpenAI has been pumping out new, revolutionary updates for ChatGPT each, and November is full of it. 

Partnerships with OpenAI

OpenAI understands that what makes AI so powerful is the community of people who continuously innovate and develop GPTs. On November 9th, OpenAI announced Data Partnerships, where the company will work with organizations to train AI models. OpenAI wants to collaborate with different organizations to ensure that AGI is “beneficial to all of humanity” by understanding a multitude of cultures, languages, experiences, industries, etc.

OpenAI is seeking organizations that want to compile large-scale datasets that reflect society and are not easily accessible today in text, images, audio, or video form. The company also seeks data that conveys human intention within long-form writing or conversations across multiple languages, topics, and listed formats. Any organization interested in collaborating with OpenAI can submit an interest form here.

Updates to GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo

On November 6th, OpenAI announced GPT-4 Turbo, a new GPT that understands world knowledge up to April 2023. Responses can generate more than 300 pages of text in a single prompt. Better yet, GPT-4 Turbo has 2x lower prices for input tokens and 2x lower prices for out tokens in comparison to GPT-4. Additionally, lower prices and higher rate limits of each GPT model were updated. An extensive pricing guide can be found here.

Another announcement unraveled on the November 6th blog posts is a new, updated version of GPT-3.5 Turbo. Turbo can generate a 16k context widow and support JSON mode and parallel function calling up to 38% better than previous versions. To access this model, developers must call [gpt-3.5-turbo-1106] into the API.

Assistants API

Amongst the latest Custom GPT models announced just days ago, OpenAI also released Assistants API for developers interested in building agent-like experiences into their projects. According to OpenAI, the assistant is a purpose-built AI that “leverages extra knowledge, and can call models and tools to perform tasks.” Features within the assistant include code interpreters and retrievals to make building high-quality AI apps a breeze.

OpenAI Custom GPTs Will Create a New Future for AI

We covered the biggest changes to ChatGPT within this blog, but a more extensive update, specifically for AI developers, can be found here. The biggest takeaway from the latest updates is that non-coders can finally create their custom GPTs to assist them throughout the day. Making AI more accessible will bring a plethora of ideas, suggestions, voices, opinions, and experiences to the table. As OpenAI continues to update ChatGPT, businesses and brands should stay informed in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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