North West Posted a Ponytail Tutorial on TikTok, and We Decoded Every Product — See Video

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North West is committed to keeping us on our toes, and that even applies to her curly hair slick-back ponytail tutorials. The 9-year-old TikTok star blessed us with another sped-up motion video on her hair routine, which would probably be handy for any fellow 3A or 3B curlfriends.

North West is known for being the leader of the Kardashian clan — Kim even admitted North is the only person in the world who intimidates her — and although still so young, she always manages to hold so much independence and personal style. Whether she’s styling her sibling for a photo shoot, telling paparazzi to “stop,” or just creating content with her cousin Penelope and best friend Ryan, North continues to ooze style wherever she goes and whatever she does — including her own hair.

North’s latest hair endeavor follows a traditional routine most curly-heads know and she documented it all on TikTok with a superspeed tutorial. She starts with dampened hair to get the perfectly smooth slick-back. Then she pours on a mixture of leave-in conditioners, including Unite Hair 7Seconds Detangler Leave-In Conditioner

Of course, we already know North goes against the grain. While TikTok spent months convincing users a middle part is the only way to go, North is leading the pack and stuck to a traditional side part for the look. (Maybe it’s her mom’s influence!)

We then get a peak at mom Kim Kardashian, who comes in to help her daughter achieve the low ponytail. North finishes off the styling by laying her edges (or baby hairs) down with Eco Style Olive Oil Gel in the traditional C-curve shape using Baby Tress The Edge Styler.

If you weren’t able to pause fast enough to see the products North used, don’t fret because we have you covered. Alongside all the aforementioned products, North also used Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and Tigi Headrush Spray to seal this style into place.

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