North West Joins Katy Perry Onstage at Concert in Las Vegas

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Watch North West and Ice Spice Dance Together on TikTok

North West just created a core memory.

Katy Perry brought out Kim Kardashian‘s eldest daughter, 9, as a special guest during her most recent PLAY residency show at Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas. The SKIMS founder, who also brought along her niece Penelope Disick, 10, and flew the group to Las Vegas on her private jet, shared videos of North’s big onstage moment on her Instagram Stories.

“Is that, is that North West?” the singer called out from the stage, drawing cheers. “Oh my God, I have seen all of your TikToks! It’s not her? It is her?”

She then invited North onstage. “Hi!” she said. “I know your name, but what’s your name?”

The child replied, shyly, “Uh, North.”

Katy continued, “So the reason I know your name is because I’m a huge fan of your TikTok. I’ve seen a couple of them that you’ve made. You’re a really good dancer and I thought, what better way to be a great dancer [than] to show the world your awesome dance moves?”

North responded, “Can my friends come out with me?” Katy replied, “Yeah, why not. Come on. She’s got friends, she doesn’t want to do it alone, this is awesome!”

The pop star asked North how old she is. After she responded, Katy said, “You’re 9, that’s so awesome. You know, at 9 years old, I started singing. That’s when I found my little spark. What do you want to be when you grow up?”

North replied, “Uh, everything.”

Kim’s daughter, along with three friends, then showcased their dance moves onstage. Katy joined in, matching them by performing a cartwheel.

This is not the first time North has performed on a public stage. In 2020, she joined her dad Kanye West at his Yeezy Season 8 fashion show in Paris and rapped while standing alongside him and several models on the runway. In past years, she has occasionally sung and danced at her father’s weekly Sunday Service choir performances.

After the show, Kim and her crew hung out with Katy backstage.

“So what did you think?” the singer asked Kim, as seen in a selfie video on the Kardashians‘ Instagram Stories. She responded, “Honestly, I’m the biggest Katy Perry fan.”

Fellow singer Sia and Kim’s longtime friend Paris Hilton also joined the group backstage. She shared one of Kim’s pics on her Instagram Stories, as well as her own selfie video with Katy.

“If there were two words to describe this show, PLAY, what would they be?” the singer asked the Paris in Love star.

She responded with her catchphrase, “That’s hot.”

See images from North’s unforgettable experience at the concert:

All Aboard

In April 2023, Kim Kardashian flew North West, her friends, niece Penelope Disick to watch Katy Perry perform one of her PLAY residency shows in Las Vegas.

Kim Air Mocktails


“Is That North West?”

Katy calls out to North in the crowd.

Introducing North West

Kim Kardashian‘s daughter chats with Katy onstage.

Katy Perry & North West & Co.

North and her friends appear onstage with Katy.

North West Dances Onstage

North and her friends perform cartwheels and other moves onstage at one of Katy’s PLAY Las Vegas residency concerts in April 2023.

Katy Follows Suit

The singer joins in the fun.

Kim Kardashian & Penelope Disick

Kim watches the show with her niece.

Kim Rocks Out

Kim Kardashian watches Katy’s concert with a friend.

Katy Perry, North West & Kim Kardashian

The three appear backstage.

Backstage Fun

North and a friend hang out with Katy backstage.

Katy Perry & Kim Kardashian

The singer appears in a selfie video with North’s mom backstage.

Paris Hilton, Sia, Katy Perry & Kim Kardashian

Katy hangs out backstage with three fellow stars.

Katy Perry & Paris Hilton

The two appear backstage.

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