Naturally, Jennifer Lopez’s Gym Bun Is Even More Elaborate Than My Office Bun — See the Photos

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As I write this, I’m rocking a high bun. It’s nothing fancy, just a good old-fashioned classic bun to keep my hair off my face for a day of work. Pull it up, tie with a scrunchie, forget it — that’s the vibe, especially after a holiday break. Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to put my simple style to shame with her latest day-off style, a cute workout bun that takes gym hair up a notch.

Lopez was photographed out and about in Los Angeles on January 2 wearing athleisure and a high, tight bun to match, leading me to believe she was probably at the gym or the dance studio. Her caramel brunette hair was pulled tightly back, but instead of her usual easy bun, she changed it up with a few strategic loops and twists making up the body of the bun itself, then wrapped a piece of hair around the base to disguise her hair elastic. Though her giant sunglasses disguise most of her face, it looks like the star went makeup-free for her daily activities. Who says your gym buns have to be basic? Not J. Lo!

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