Must Read: Why Prada is Appointing New Leadership, Chanel’s Éric Pfrunder Has Passed Away

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Plus, the young people driving renewed interest in perfume.

Prada and bertelli

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Why Prada is appointing new leadership

As announced TuesdayPatrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada are appointing Andrea Guerra CEO of Prada Group. The shift comes as Bertelli, aged 76, and Prada, 73, are preparing to pass the reins on to the family’s next generation. (Their son, Lorenzo Bertelli, 34, has taken on an influential role at the company since 2017.) While the younger Bertelli is projected to take over Prada within the next few years, the company plans on first appointing external talent before easing into its new generation. “The market is likely to react positively to the management changes. While Lorenzo Bertelli has been instrumental in some of the initiatives of the group… it would have likely been too early for him to take on the role as group CEO,” says UBS analyst Susy Tibaldi. {Business of Fashion}

Chanel’s Éric Pfrunder has passed away

Éric Pfrunder, Chanel‘s director of images for three decades and Karl Lagerfeld‘s close creative partner, passed away on Monday at the age 74. According to his son Jasper, Pfrunder had been suffering from a longtime illness. Throughout his prolific career, Pfrunder and Lagerfeld produced a range of editorial shoots for magazines such as American Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. “Eric was a precious member of the Karl Lagerfeld family, he will be sorely missed and will always be remembered as a crucial part of Karl’s history,” says Pier Paolo Righi, chief executive officer of Karl Lagerfeld. {WWD}

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What’s driving renewed interest in perfume?

While scent may not have previously been a priority when getting ready, the past few years have brought about a surge of interest in perfume. The trend is spearheaded by enthusiastic young people on social platforms like Twitter and TikTok, as well as the rise of scent podcasts and even emerging fragrance influencers. “I think a lot of it does have to do with, oddly, the brandification of yourself as an individual. Scent is just the next dimension of how you represent yourself and how you express yourself…” says Tynan Sinks, host of the podcast “Smell Ya Later.” Brands like Fragrantica and Soliani are creating new palettes of unfamiliar scents that cater to every demographic, leading to this renewed interest in personalized scents. {Nylon}

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