Must Read: What’s Going On With Pyer Moss, Why Shein Is on the Decline

Must read

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Pyer Moss

What’s going on with Pyer Moss?

With Pyer MossKerby Jean-Raymond has become known for engaging in genuine political commentary, attracting support from the likes of Anna Wintour and Black celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Tracee Ellis Ross. However, despite the buzz, the brand seems to be falling short of expectations. Between complaints of poor clothing quality, disappointing reviews of its Fall 2023 couture show and the absence of shoppable online options, Pyer Moss exemplifies the difficulties of transitioning from an independent designer to a sustainable business. Furthermore, it sheds light on the insurmountable expectations for designers of color to consistently over-perform. {The Cut}

Why Shein is on the decline

Fast-fashion brand Shein has enjoyed explosive growth in the past few years for its cheap, trendy clothing. However, sales dramatically declined in 2022, for the first time since the pandemic. There may be a few reasons for this shift. For one, shoppers have less disposable income to spend in a slowing post-pandemic economy. Furthermore, accusations around Shein’s poor clothing quality, mistreatment of workers and other unethical business practices may be finally taking a toll on its revenues. According to Brandwatch, 70 percent of overall online conversations around Shein were negative between 2020 and 2023. But Shein states that it is well-positioned for 2023, and it’s reportedly seeking out $3 billion to expand. {Business of Fashion}

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