Must Read: Warby Parker Debuts Spring Campaign With Christina Ricci And More, CEO Of Victoria’s Secret Resigns After Shares Fall

Must read

Plus, is Bella Hadid’s style plus-size friendly?

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Thursday.

Warby Parker launches star-filled spring campaign

Starring the likes of Christina Ricci, Jeremy O. Harris, Arpana Rayamajhi and Henry Eikenberry, Warby Parker‘s spring campaign showcases a new collection partly inspired by Y2K styles. There are bold blues, tortoise and new polygon shapes. The collection is available to shop now at {Fashionista inbox}

Victoria’s Secret CEO resigns after less than a year in the role

Amy Hauk, who served as CEO of the Victoria’s Secret and Pink brands (the latter since 2018), notified the company of her resignation last week. Martin Waters, CEO of parent company Victoria’s Secret & Co., will take over the role. The company has struggled for years with outdated marketing and PR disasters like founder Leslie Wexner’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein, revealed in 2019. Sales are expected to fall by 7% this year. Hauk will officially leave the company in March. {CNN}

Is Bella Hadid’s style plus-size friendly?

For Teen Vogue, Aiyana Ishmael put the controversial style of supermodel Bella Hadid to the test, asking the question of whether or not Hadid’s thinness factors into the internet’s approval of the looks. Ultimately, Ishmael concludes, “what really makes the outfits is the confidence Bella manages to walk around with […] whether you are trying out new things or sticking to your staples, the key is to own it.” In addition to trying out Hadid’s outfits, Ishmael provides a thorough compilation of alternative, more wearable versions of the pieces Hadid has worn. {Teen Vogue}

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Barbie teams up with Guo Pei for limited-edition Chinese New Year doll

For the second time, Barbie and Guo Pei will release a Chinese New Year doll to celebrate Chinese New Year. The doll features a bob-cut and is dressed in a blue satin top and knee-length skirt embroidered with dragon and tidal wave motifs. Pei designed the look with a traditional Qing Dynasty court dress in mind, a reference she has been pulling from in her designs for years. The doll is available to shop at {WWD}

Why your clothes are worse than they were 10 years ago

For Vox, Izzie Ramirez details how the design process of products has changed so drastically by way of a 10-year-old bra she had hoped to replace. When Ramirez went to re-purchase her favorite bra, the quality was not as good as it had been a decade ago, due to “new design norms, shifting consumer expectations and emboldened trend cycles,” she explains. The decline in quality can be traced back to underpaid and overworked workers who are expected to produce products faster than ever before, a concept that typically ends up sacrificing quality. In tandem with the ever-growing demand for micro-trends, companies feel the need to put out new clothes every day, once again sacrificing quality for speed. {Vox}

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