Must Read: The Outlet Mall Opportunity, Where Will The Fashion Community Meet Without Twitter?

Must read

Plus, why Grace Wales Bonner is the designer fashion needs.


These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

The outlet mall opportunity

As a result of the pandemic “hangover,” retailers have been left with plenty of excess inventory due to overly optimistic sales forecasts. Instead of discounting these items in full-price stores, brands are looking to outlet malls to sell the pieces on a larger scale. Outlet owners are looking to diversify their spaces, building national and local restaurants, children’s playgrounds and more. Stephen Yalof, president and CEO of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers said in an early November earnings call, “Our channel is doing exactly what these retailers are paying for: being promotional, clearing excess inventory and … serving a purpose to the entire omnichannel retail ecosystem.” {Glossy}

Without Twitter, where will the fashion community meet?

After Balenciaga‘s sudden exit from Twitter in response to Elon Musk‘s overhaul of the site, the fashion community is beginning to wonder where their dialogue and commentary can live next. Jessica Quillin, a content strategist and former fashion editor said, “Half the people I know [on Twitter], I’ve been in touch with for 12 years,” and that the imminent downfall of the platform sent her into a “semi-panic.” Though many brands prefer the ability to better curate on Instagram, fashion fans like @theRobertoJones say “Instagram doesn’t work as well for having a true discussion.” {Vogue Business}

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Grace Wales Bonner is the designer fashion needs

For The Washington Post, Robin Givhan profiles the London-based designer, Grace Wales Bonner. The two discuss the complexities in responding to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, with Bonner saying her feelings are “complicated.” Givhan threads the needle from there to describing Bonner’s designs as having so much emotion, they cannot be properly described in words. Bonner’s design process is explored, as well as the rumors that she is next in line to lead menswear at Louis Vuitton. {The Washington Post}

Shondaland launches Seat at the Table initiative

Seat at the Table, an initiative launched by Shondaland, will facilitate partnerships with some of the artists from the company’s productions to create products representative of their work. The first collaboration is between “Bridgerton” costume designer Ellen Mirojnick and Monica Rich Kosann, a fine jewelry collection inspired by the romance of the hit Netflix series available to shop exclusively at {Fashionista inbox}

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