Must Read: Patti Smith Covers ‘Harper’s Bazaar,’ Inside the Making of a Holiday Window

Must read

Plus, brain care is the latest wellness trend.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.

Patti Smith covers the Harper’s Bazaar Art Issue

The musician, artist and writer speaks to Chloe Cooper Jones for the cover story of Harper’s Bazaar‘s Art Issue. The two discuss her latest book, ‘A Book of Days,’ which features one photograph and caption for each day of the year. Nowadays, Smith says she’s in a state of “nothingness.” However, her longtime literary agent and close friend, Betsy Lerner, says the opposite. “She’s always in some physical state of movement. I don’t just mean literally. I just also think, in her mind, she’s just really going fast. That’s a hot brain we’re talking about.” {Harper’s Bazaar}

Inside the making of a holiday window

For The New York Times, Sarah Bahr explores the longtime tradition of New York City’s most famed department stores decorating their windows for the holidays. This year, Saks Fifth Avenue‘s unveiling of its long-awaited windows was paired with a performance by Elton John. “I was always so excited to see the new displays each year,” he said. “It was a highlight of Christmastime.” The process took more than 250 people and 40,000 hours to complete. Bahr also speaks to the designers behind the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s and more. {The New York Times}

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Brain care is the latest wellness trend

Since mental health became more of a focus during post-lockdown periods in 2020, the concept of taking care of your mind has now been rebranded in the wellness industry as “brain care.” Dr. Bowen Jiang, a neurosurgeon and wellness advisor for the brand No. 8, says brain care is more in-depth than self-care. He describes self-care as “a conscious act someone takes to enhance their well-being, that nourishes you and makes you feel connected and cared for,” while brain care specifically targets brain health and impacts the ability to pay attention, solve problems and resist stress. Activities such as meditation, journaling and setting a time limit for social media usage are examples of positive practices. {Glossy}

Homepage Photo: Pieter Hugo for Harper’s Bazaar/Courtesy of Hearst

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