Must Read: How Income Inequality Will Affect Fashion in 2023, Luxury’s Après-Ski Takeover

Must read

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.


How income inequality will affect fashion in 2023

Economic stress is impacting consumers differently depending on income levels when it comes to spending on fashion. Economists predict that lower-income households will feel the greater impact of economic turbulence and try to manage their finances accordingly. Many of these shoppers have been seeking discounts from their favorite stores or paying for products in installments. {Business of Fashion}

The après-ski takeover in luxury

As the market for ski jackets alone is projected to reach $2.26 billion in the next few years, many luxury brands are diving into the gainful winter sportswear category. Jarah Burke, fashion account director at marketing firm Power Digital says, “Aside from travel opening up, the rise of combining a pastime or a hobby with a specific style can also be attributed to people not only finding joy in dressing the part, but also being able to document it for socials […] The ‘vibification’ of activities can be a way for a brand to bring new people into its fold in an aspirational manner.” {Glossy}

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