Must Read: How Brands Are Bringing Customers Back, What’s Going on at Something Navy?

Must read

Plus, L’Oréal introduces consumer-facing environmental label feature.


These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

How brands are bringing customers back for more

With the current over-saturated fashion and beauty market, brands are prioritizing and investing in making existing customers return for more sales, rather than finding new customers altogether, Business of Fashion reports. This strategy involves making the shopper feel like they are a part of the brand and creating a mutual loyalty — whether that’s through sending more discount codes or creating shopping communities and reward systems. {Business of Fashion}

What’s going on at Something Navy?

A new report from Insider suggests that Something Navy, the brand launched in 2020 by influencer Arielle Charnas, is facing some issues. Katie Warren writes that Charnas has been late on payments to suppliwers, and that at least 22 employees left the company this year. A formerly high-ranking employee said: “Something Navy was a clusterfuck. Like, bleeding. I’m just shocked it hasn’t tanked already.” {Insider

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L’Oréal USA introduces consumer-facing environmental label feature

In an effort to offer customers more options when it comes to choosing eco-friendly products, L’Oréal is now using the Product Impact Labeling System, which “provides customers with the relative environmental impact of a product compared to other L’Oréal products in the same category,” per Glossy. Grades given to each product are evaluated by every stage of its lifecycle, including ingredients, production, transportation, delivery and more. {Glossy}

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