Masao Yamamoto: Small Things in Silence

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All Images © Masao YamamomotoAll Images © Masao Yamamomoto

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Originally trained in oil painting under Goro Saito, Masao Yamamoto realized that it is the medium of photography that is best suited for his artistic interests. Through his photographs of small subjects and objects, Yamamoto reveals an entire world of memories and frail beauty. 

“When I look back upon my path, I realize that the one consistent motif in my work was my obsession for small things. I feel joy when I discover seemingly insignificant things that may be easily overlooked.”

Small Things in Silence, published by Editorial RM, offers a comprehensive look back at twenty years in the career of this exceptional photographer. Working with landscapes, still lifes and portraits, Yamamoto creates small prints which he then modifies through overpainting, dying or using other techniques. The photobook contains images from all of Yamamoto’s major series (Box of Ku, Shizuka, Kawa, Nakazora) as well as photographs showing his installation works, edited and arranged by the photographer himself.

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